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Pentagon Names First Head of Software Acquisition

The department will have an official guiding all software strategy, regardless of what platform it runs.

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Pentagon Tells Leaders to Talk More With Contractors — and Less to the Public and Press

One day after Air Force leaders severely restricted media contacts, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan encouraged Pentagon officials to engage more with industry.

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Trump Calls for a Space Force, a Concept His Pentagon Opposes

The president’s words could reanimate a legislative proposal that the defense secretary and others thought they had killed.

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Pentagon May Create a Combatant Command for Space

The Defense Department is also looking at major changes to speed up how it buys satellites.


Pentagon Warns CEOs: Protect Your Data or Lose Our Contracts

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says cybersecurity should be a top priority for its contractors.

Emerging Tech

The Pentagon’s New Artificial Intelligence Is Already Hunting Terrorists

After less than eight months of development, the algorithms are helping intel analysts exploit drone video over the battlefield.

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Pentagon Delays Deadline For Military Suppliers to Meet Cybersecurity Rules

The goal of the new regulations is to secure sensitive data on the computers and networks at smaller companies.

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As the US Air Force Turns Its Focus to Space, This Small Team Could Lead the Way

Once seen as a threat to traditional acquisition channels, the Operationally Responsive Space office is making it faster and cheaper to put new capabilities into orbit.

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A New Social-Media Simulator Is Helping US Troops Train for Hybrid War

The program harvests and remixes real tweets to generate a convincing online environment for wargames large and small.

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Here’s How the US Military Wants to Counter ISIS Drones and Roadside Bombs

Predictive algorithms, deep machine learning, directed energy, and more are all on the Pentagon’s shopping list.

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Former Pentagon Money Man to Oversee Defense of NATO Computer Networks

Kevin Scheid returns to the alliance as members eye spending increases to pay for cyber projects and traditional weapons.

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When Will US Air Force F-35s Be Ready for Battle?

The general who will make the decision offered some clues as he celebrated the jet's recent trip across the Atlantic.

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Air Force Wants New Plane to Replace A-10, Fight ISIS

Generals float idea of new CAS aircraft — and beyond that, an “arsenal plane” or “flying Coke machine.”

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Computer Crash Wipes Out Years of Air Force Investigation Records (UPDATED)

Fraud and abuse investigations dating back to 2004 vanished when a database became corrupted, service officials said.

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The Futuristic Aircraft That May Replace the Black Hawk Will Fly Next Year

But don’t expect the V-280 or SB-1 to hit battlefields until after 2030 — unless their builders find other customers first.

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The Increasingly Automated Hunt for Mobile Missile Launchers

The trick is training computers to filter the normal from an ocean of imagery, alert human analysts sparingly, and learn from their feedback.

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Do We Need Air Traffic Controllers For Space?

If the U.S. doesn’t take the lead in guiding satellites through increasingly crowded orbits, someone else will.

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The Air Force’s Next Chief Might Be Its Space-War General

Gen. John Hyten has never flown a warplane, but he plays a role in just about every Air Force mission.

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Pentagon Eyes Laser-Armed Drones to Shoot Down Ballistic Missiles

The high-flying aircraft would be the unmanned successors to the Air Force’s missile-zapping jetliner.

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Pentagon’s Plan to Deter Russia and China: Pair Troops with Machines

More than a year in the works, Pentagon leaders are betting an ambitious effort to pair soldiers with machines to give the American military an edge on the battlefield of the future.