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Study: Facebook Likes Predict Obesity

The obesity rate is 27.5 percent higher in New York City neighborhoods where the greatest proportion of people "like" television on Facebook.

Digital Government

Study: Google Searches Reveal Mental Health Patterns

Search terms implied that people are 24 percent less likely to consider suicide in the summer, among other seasonal fluctuations that may be useful in epidemiology for illnesses that are difficult to track.

Digital Government

The future of medical records

Designers dreamed up patient records that can actually help and serve patients.

Digital Government

Where E.R. doctors work entirely via Skype

In South Dakota, long-distance doctoring is bringing health care to rural communities.

Digital Government

Why we're still waiting on the 'Yelpification' of health care

Reviewing doctors -- what seems like a simple, effective way to empower and inform patients -- isn't so straightforward.

Digital Government

FDA goes after online pill pushers

While Internet suppliers have the potential to revolutionize access to medications, currently, these online companies are potentially unsafe or illegal 97 percent of the time.