Emerging Tech

We the People petitioners typically wait three months for a reply

The White House’s response time to appeals from citizens varies widely.


Advocacy group details 2013 Internet freedom goals

Protecting cellphone location data and reforming the patent system are priorities.

CIO Briefing

Feds will give 11 states $1.5 billion to develop health insurance marketplaces

The savings windfall health IT advocates predicted hasn't materialized.

CIO Briefing

Prescription-strength Google?

Americans search the Web to self-diagnose medical ailments.


Report: Obama administration must reform drone policy

Current practices could lead to a backlash.



Library of Congress nears completion of first phase of Twitter archive.


Hacker group claims to breach NASA, Pentagon servers

Team GhostShell says it accessed 1.6 million records.

CIO Briefing

High and low tech helps HHS weather Sandy

Preparations included expanded help desk staff and printed contact lists, CIO says.

CIO Briefing

State could make more effective use of e-diplomacy work

Brookings scholar cites inefficiencies in consular affairs, public diplomacy.


Pulling reliable info out of social media

Panelists discuss the role of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Syria.


Open government partnership marks first anniversary

What that means for transparency is debatable.

CIO Briefing

Electromagnetic pulse could knock out U.S. power grid

EMPs triggered by weapon or space weather threaten electronics and communications, officials warn.


Big Data Could Play a Role in Improving Education

But ensuring the data’s accuracy is critical.


Cloud Computing Baffles Most Americans

But that doesn’t stop them from using what they don’t understand.


Topless Women Pose a Challenge to White House Engagement Forum

This probably isn’t what the Obama administration had in mind with its website for public petitions.