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Library of Congress aids geospatial data preservation

The Library of Congress and Columbia University are creating a Web-based information hub to provide best practices, tools, methods and services to assist organizations in preserving geospatial data.

Digital Government

Google browser targets federal market

Google is subtly increasing pressure on Microsoft with a new release of its Chrome browser. Government employees may now have a new alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer platform: Google has released a new stable version of its browser for Mac and Linux, bringing it out of beta for these two platforms.

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State Department social network in the works

The State Department will be launching its own social network for employees and diplomatic officials.

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Agency IT gets greener with promotional carbon credits

Federal agencies are benefitting from a program that allows agency IT departments to purchase new data servers and receive offsetting carbon emissions credits.

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Dark cloud: Study finds security risks in virtualization

Virtualization is proving its ability to reduce costs, but a new set of security threats is emerging as IT managers struggle to adjust to new ways of managing risk.

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Study gauges interest in cloud computing, green IT

The survey found that one in three government IT professionals expect to implement a social networking initiative in the next 12 months, independent of any stimulus funds their agency may receive.

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Feds could get access to advanced cloud-computing technologies

Microsoft and National Science Foundation team up to provide cloud-computing tools to certain users.

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NORAD enhances Santa tracking abilities

North American Aerospace Defense Command sees Ol' St. Nick when he's sleeping and knows when he's awake.

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Army establishes new program office for technology modernization

Program Executive Office Integration will support warfighter technology modernization — and current and future acquisitions — under the restructuring of the Future Combat Systems program.


DOE to invest $37 million for R&D into clean energy

The Energy Department plans to release $37 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to small businesses to stimulate research and development into clean energy technologies.


Pentagon needs to take closer look at social networking, Gates says

The Defense Department wants to be linked in to the world, but must be wary of compromising operational security.

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Coast Guard to harness ocean data to improve search and rescue

The Coast Guard can use maps of ocean surface currents to track probable paths of shipwreck victims and drifting lifeboats.