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Telework: The future is on hold

Should feds be allowed to work from anywhere, as long as the work gets done? Experts say yes without hesitation, but readers' responses are mixed.


Social networking: Agency silos 2.0?

Prodded in no small part by the Obama administration, government agencies are now working hard to replicate this private-sector paradigm as Government 2.0.


Inherently governmental: Still a trick question

Response to the Obama administration's insourcing agenda finds readers all over the political map.


Open government: Will it pass the Twinkie test?

From its first days in office, the Obama administration has whetted the public’s appetite for what has come to be known as open government. But is anyone buying it?


Cloud computing: Skeptics still hold the floor

Mandate or no mandate, don't hold your breath waiting for federal managers to get behind the idea of cloud computing until they are sold on the benefits.

Digital Government

Cybersecurity needs McGruff the crime dog!

If user ignorance is the most obvious cybersecurity vulnerability, is a public awareness campaign the best solution? Or just a waste of money?

Digital Government

NASA's FISMA stance stirs up a debate

Numerous FCW readers are concerned that federal officials do not understand the real value of the security C&A process.


Acquisition 2.0: How much industry collaboration is too much?

The debates about the merits of Acquisition 2.0 will be familiar to anyone who has been following the twists and turns of procurement reform during the past decade or two.


Kids these days, with their Facebook and social networks

It could be called the Facebook litmus test: Are federal employees wasting taxpayer dollars when they log on to their Facebook accounts? Or are they honing their professional networking skills for big things to come?


Gov 2.0 -- Defining an era in 140 characters or less

Twitter is a key Gov 2.0 tool, but can it help define the movement? Readers try their thumbs.


Feds: Don't come work for us!

Federal agencies, mired in outdated technology and bureaucratic management, are their own worst enemies when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent.


Acquisition training: The battle lines are drawn

A blog post about an innovative approach to workforce mentoring stirred up some bitter feelings between acquisition workers old and new.


What a laugh! The results of the FCW cartoon caption contest.

FCW cartoonist John Klossner announces the winner of the FCW Challenge cartoon caption contest.