Bid protests decline for fourth consecutive year

Bid protests issued by federal agencies declined 12% in fiscal 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

49% of Tech Pros Believe AI Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to Humanity, Per Report

Others believe artificial intelligence will be a necessary component of most major business strategies in the near future.

Emerging Tech

Energy Seeks to Maximize Defense Production Act Effectiveness

The Department of Energy is interested in boosting domestic production of several emerging technologies.

Digital Government

Lawmakers Ask National Archives to Certify Whether Trump Returned All Presidential Records

A Congressional committee expressed concern that former President Donald Trump may still possess presidential records at non-secure locations.

Digital Government

More Than 1 in 3 Government Employees Haven’t Taken a Vacation in Last Year, Survey Says

Public sector employees cite the cost of taking time off as a key reason why they aren’t vacationing.


SAIC Snags $160M Contract to Support Navy Networks

The Virginia-based company will provide an assortment of IT services to the U.S. Navy.


Critical Update: The Information Constellation—How NOAA Data Ends up in Forecasts

The environmental agency collects vast amounts of data each day from its constellation of satellites.

Digital Government

Strong Solar Storm Could Impact U.S. Communications This Week

The geomagnetic storm could also make auroras visible in the Northeast and upper Midwest.


Survey: Performance, Pressure Have Increased Among Remote Government Employees During COVID

The survey also revealed managers seem to trust employees to perform more in virtual environments.


DHS Research Arm Seeks Science, Tech Capabilities to Protect U.S. Agriculture

The agency issued a request for information to support its Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Defense program.


GSA appoints climate adviser

The General Services Administration released a few other personnel announcements.

Digital Government

GSA Appoints Climate Adviser

The General Services Administration released a few other personnel announcements Monday.


Report: Federal Call Center Modernization Requires Strategy Sea Change

Call center and customer experience investments aren’t being made in the most efficient manner, according to research from Accenture Federal Services.