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Emma Green

Emma Green is the assistant managing editor of, where she also oversees the National Channel and writes about religion and culture.

The 'Silent Majority' Overlooked by Big Data

From NYC Foursquare data, you'd think everyone lives in Midtown, no one in the outer boroughs.

CIO Briefing

Why Cutting Science Funding Would 'Break' Cancer Research

Author Siddhartha Mukherjee and others call the budget situation in Washington 'depressing.'


Mapping the 'Geography' of the Internet

The Internet isn't a place where everyone shouts at each other. It's a collection of lots of small places where people are chatting among themselves.

CIO Briefing

Can Twitter Chatter Get Obamacare Defunded?

Here’s why social media isn’t a good way to force action on Capitol Hill.


Ex-Government Official: The Private Sector Is Threatening Your Privacy

Are data-mining companies and social-media platforms scarier than the government?