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Edward Graham

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Edward Graham
Edward Graham is a technology reporter for Nextgov/FCW, where he reports on national security technologies and policies, the Department of Veterans Affairs and election security issues. He received his master’s degree in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in 2016.
Digital Government

VA pushes vets to Login-dot-gov or ID-dot-me for online access

VA said the change is estimated to affect approximately 3 million veterans, and phases out two legacy identity options currently supported by the agency for online access.


White House announces almost $100M in commitments to expand pool of tech talent

Arati Prabhakar, the director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, said the government’s adoption of emerging capabilities “hinges on getting terrific people to come do this work.”

Digital Government

VA unable to collect over $665M in revenue because of tool suspension, OIG says

VA paused its use of a tool that consolidates community care data in February 2023 “after becoming aware of issues with its database code logic and of compromised stored data.”

Artificial Intelligence

DOD’s generative AI task force will help set guardrails for broader use

The head of the Pentagon’s Task Force Lima said recommendations from the project will help officials develop the infrastructure needed to adopt AI technologies.

Digital Government

SSA transitions online accounts to Login-dot-gov for sign in

The agency said the change will affect individuals who created “my Social Security” accounts through its website before September 18, 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

DHS generative AI pilot embraces hiccups of emerging tech

Michael Boyce, the director of the AI Corps at the Department of Homeland Security said a pilot program using generative AI to train new asylum and refugee officers is leaning into hallucinations to better mirror real interviews.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can enhance border security but won’t close workforce gap, lawmakers say

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is facing a “major shortfall” of about 5,000 personnel, according to Rep. Lou Correa, D-Calif.

Artificial Intelligence

Lawmaker looks to update standards for AI-generated robocalls

A new proposal from Rep. Rick Allen, R-Ga., would make calls created by artificial intelligence tools “subject to the same regulations and standards as traditional telephone-based systems.”

Emerging Tech

Diverting TSA funds harms deployment of new tech, lawmakers warn

A bill to keep all 9/11 security fee collections at TSA would help the agency more quickly deploy facial recognition capabilities, but its supporters say privacy still needs to be prioritized.


Typos could steer sensitive messages to Mali, DOD warns

Millions of emails intended for the Department of Defense have been directed to Mali because of spelling errors in the recipient's email domain.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can enhance health care and enable cost savings, lawmaker says

Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., said lawmakers “have to build the infrastructure” around the use of AI in wearable medical devices.

Digital Government

Lawmakers want VA to report on its use of automation to process benefits claims

The legislative proposal seeks to enhance VA’s adoption of new technologies, including providing lawmakers with “a timeline for modifying and implementing the use of such automation tools” in the benefits claims process.

Artificial Intelligence

House lawmakers push measure to limit impact of deceptive AI on elections

The legislation would apply to AI-generated election content that is designed to interfere with voting in federal, state or local contests.


How DOD plans to make working with emerging tech companies easier

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Radha Plumb said the Pentagon is trying “to be less hard to work with” when it comes to engaging with the commercial sector.


DHS hires initial cohort of 10 to join its AI Corps

The Department of Homeland Security’s AI Corps is designed to deploy tech-savvy experts across its operations to drive the adoption of AI capabilities within its various mission areas.


Lawmakers press VA to report on delays in burn pit registry revamp

An October 2022 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine said VA should “initiate a new phase” of its Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry to make it “a user-friendly, efficient and effective resource.”

Artificial Intelligence

Bill would require Commerce to launch AI public awareness campaign

The education campaign acts on a proposal included in the Bipartisan Senate AI Working Group’s framework that was released last month.


Lockheed Martin tapped to develop NOAA’s new series of weather satellites

Lockheed Martin won a contract to build three satellites for NOAA’s Geostationary Extended Observations program, with the option to develop an additional four spacecraft, under a $2.27 billion award announced on Tuesday.


Biden nominates new DISA director

Maj. Gen. Paul Stanton, who currently leads the Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence, has been picked to replace Air Force Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner.

Digital Government

House panel advances bill to study TSA’s embrace of digital IDs

Travelers from nine states can now use mobile driver’s licenses to verify their identities at 27 U.S. airports.