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Diane Barnes

Diane Barnes is a reporter with Global Security Newswire, having first joined the publication as a staff writer in 2007. She covers daily developments on Syria's chemical weapons, Iran's nuclear program, strategic arms control and other issues. Barnes has contributed to publications including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Palm Beach Post and the London Daily Telegraph. She is a graduate of George Washington University.
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DHS Shifts Nuclear-Screening Focus to 'High-Risk' Cargo

A new international standard known as “ISO 37120” lays out 46 performance measures.

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Accused Proliferator May Try to Build Ballistic-Missile Parts

Newly uncovered information suggests Chinese businessman Li Fangwei has obtained substantial stakes in a number of sensitive enterprises.

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Auditors Fault Pentagon Sorting of Biggest Bioweapon Threats

DoD rules require the agency each year to revisit its list of top biological-weapon threats.

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CDC Official Protests Federal Medical Response Cuts

Reduced spending has been "extremely damaging" to capabilities across the country, Dr. Ali Khan says.

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Algorithm May Enable Common X-Rays to Identify Tiny Amounts of Uranium and Plutonium

The code is based on a close examination of how radiation passes through various substances.

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Boston Considers Banning Deadliest Pathogens From New Biolab

Downtown biodefense lab wants to study some of the world's deadliest disease agents.

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Land-Based Nuclear Missiles Escape Drastic Cut Under Pentagon Plan

Pentagon proposes cutting ICBM arsenal from 450 down to 400.

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U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Has 'Failed,' Advisory Panel Says

Drastic reforms needed to address NNSA's 'systemic' management shortcomings, group says.

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Pentagon Seeks to Design Virus-Fighting Protein 'Cocktails'

'Monoclonal antibodies' could protect against Ebola and 'alphaviruses,' such as Venezuelan equine encephalitis.

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Experimental Drug Could Treat Child Bioterrorism Victims

The United States announced a $17.7 million push to secure federal licensure of antibiotic.

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HHS Bets on New Model to Fund Biodefense Drug Development

The approach is more flexible than the government's traditional strategy of funding drugs.

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Study Points to Faster Acting Anthrax Vaccine

New additive prompts stronger immune response.

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East Coast 'Well Protected' Without Proposed Antimissile Site, Official Says

The country has 30 silo-based ballistic missile interceptors, and 14 more slated for deployment.

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DOD Aims to Shield Nuke Operations From Budget Cuts

Administration officials say U.S. nuclear weapons operations are a national priority.

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Aging technology endangers Pantex security, auditors warn

Energy Department IG says plant's security system could malfunction if it does not receive maintenance.


Lawmakers reaffirm demand for biowatch data

Letter says CDC has not been forthcoming in providing information.

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U.S. lawmaker demands action to secure alleged Syrian uranium

Experts have suggested the Bashar Assad regime might have amassed up to 50 metric tons of the substance.

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DHS defends acquisition plan for bioweapon detectors

Several auditors and lawmakers have urged the department to pause reassess its effort