CIO Briefing

Apple could be worth $1 trillion within a year

Current estimates have been boosted by the record breaking sales of the iPhone 5

Emerging Tech

This Is the clearest photo of Mars yet

Photos have not revealed any water or signs of life.

IT Modernization

Twitter adds a glass ceiling for app developers

In an attempt to phase out third-party clients, the social network will cap the number of users an app can have.


Apple's reconsidering their security measures after epic hack

The tech company has put a temporary freeze on one of their password reset options until they reach a decision.


What it feels like to get hacked

After technology writer Mat Honan's accounts were hacked, he took it as an opportunity to educate.

CIO Briefing

Breaking down the Apple-Twitter investment rumors

Other news organizations have refuted yesterdays claim that the two tech companies are in talks together

CIO Briefing

Apple and Twitter might be getting into bed together

The two companies have had talks about Apple investing in the social media company.


Rogue Google engineer tried to steal your information

Employee collected emails and passwords from unprotected networks while working on Street View.