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Chris Teale

Staff Reporter, Route Fifty

Chris Teale
Chris Teale is a staff reporter for Route Fifty, where he covers state and local government technology.
Artificial Intelligence

Capturing AI’s potential needs a ‘two-way street’ between the feds and states, cities

A senior White House official said all levels of government need to work together on artificial intelligence to “move faster” to tackle big problems.

Digital Government

Federal judge temporarily blocks Montana’s TikTok ban

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy said in his preliminary injunction that the first-of-its-kind state law “likely” violates the First Amendment. A trial to review its legal authority could still reinstate the ban.


FCC wants to improve cyber protections for schools, libraries

Faced with a growing number of cyberattacks on school districts nationwide, the agency announced a three-year pilot program to gather data on the best cyberdefenses.


State CIOs look ahead to a collaborative, automated future

A survey of state technology leaders found that the CIO role has evolved from one concerned with building a state’s own tech infrastructure to one focused on acting as a broker of services. The change comes amid increasing automation, use of AI and cybersecurity challenges.

Emerging Tech

Innovation Thrives When Governments Embrace Next-Gen Public-Private Partnerships

By rethinking how sectors collaborate and encouraging long-term institutional relationships, communities can get the most out of technology projects, one expert said.

Emerging Tech

More States Move to Ban TikTok from Government Devices

Maryland joined South Dakota in announcing a ban on state employees or agencies from using the app on government-issued devices, while South Carolina asked for it to be blocked.


Almost half of phishing attacks target gov employees, research says

Traditionally aimed at stealing credentials, phishing attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated.

Artificial Intelligence

Make AI Accountable by Adding Redress Tools, Researchers Say

The white paper from the University of California, Berkeley also called for regulators to appoint an ombudsman to investigate complaints and monitor issues with the technology.

Emerging Tech

Mobile Threats Prompt Operational Changes for Government Staff

More than 80% of public sector respondents to a recent survey said they have been forced to re-evaluate workplace practices as attacks on mobile devices grow.