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How to Recycle Your Old Tech

Almost everything can be recycled. Even that mysterious cord that goes to nothing.

Emerging Tech

Apple CEO Says iPhone Users Will Soon Be Able to Disable Battery Management

The company is continuing its apology tour for intentionally slowing down phones.

Emerging Tech

Google To Build 3 Undersea Internet Cables

The company hopes to create more reliable connectivity for international customers.

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Microsoft Develops Virtual Reality For Disaster Response

What's the best way to evacuate a building during an earthquake? VR can show you.

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This Smart Credit Card Might Soon Rule Your Wallet

A smart credit card could communicate directly with banking institutions.

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How to Reduce Your Screen Time in 2018

If your New Year's resolution is to fight that tech addiction, here are some helpful tips.

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US Lifts Ban on Super-Virus Studies

But that doesn't mean there will be genetically modified strains of ebola in a test tube near you.

Emerging Tech

Gadgets to Make Holiday Travel Easier

Travel will never be stress-free, but you can get close.


Twitter Tries Again to Crack Down on Hate Speech

The new rules mean that some accounts will be suspended.


NASA Gets Help From Google to Find Alien Planet

Machine learning is helping to unlock the secrets of outer space.