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Brian Fung


Edward Snowden Says He Wants to Stay in Russia, for Now

The former intelligence contractor said he doesn't intend to harm the United States.


The IRS Mistakenly Exposed Thousands of Social Security Numbers

Data breach concerns transactions by nonprofit political groups known as 527s.

Digital Government

Everything Gmail Knows About You and Your Friends

MIT project analyzes metadata to show the connections and information Google sees.

Digital Government

Your TV Is Spying on You

The campaign strategy that married elections to big data is now being applied to your home theater.


Edward Snowden Realizes He Can't Live Without WikiLeaks

The organization played a major role in helping Snowden evade detection once he left the United States.


You Know Who Else 'Inadvertently' Gathered Your Electronic Data?

Google and NSA may be doing similar things. Why should only one be held accountable?

Digital Government

Can Silicon Valley Stand Up to Washington?

A response to the NSA surveillance program has been arduous.

Digital Government

Apple: <span>i</span>Message and FaceTime Are Safe From the NSA's Prying Eyes

The company adds that the government asked for data on up to 10,000 user accounts in the past 6 months.


Is This PRISM 2.0?

Microsoft alerts feds to bugs before issuing a public patch, allowing Washington to exploit the vulnerabilities.


Leaker: NSA Has Been Snooping on China Since 2009

'We hack backbones—huge Internet routers, basically' for access to smaller computers, Snowden tells Chinese paper.

Digital Government

Commentary: The NSA leaker and Highly Skilled but Academically Ordinary Workers

There's an underground high-tech economy.


NSA Leaks Shed Light on China's Complaints About U.S. Hacking

Washington's digital-surveillance systems are more powerful than many thought.


Why Insiders, Not Hackers, Are the Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity

Edward Snowden's case reminds us that employees often pose a greater risk than foreign cyberspies.

Ideas Lets You Upvote the Bills You Want Passed

It's the Facebook Like for legislation.

Emerging Tech

Why Humans Still Can't Go to Mars

It's not just the cost -- there's a big technical problem to solve.