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Former HHS Cybersecurity Head Guilty of Child Porn Charges

Timothy DeFoggi, the former acting director of cyber security for HHS was one of 20 site users discovered after the F.B.I.'s division in Omaha, Nebraska began investigating the site's creator.

CIO Briefing

2 Million Obamacare Enrollments Have Data Inconsistencies

The discrepancies could be the result of false information or changes in circumstances, AP reports.

CIO Briefing

Oregon's Obamacare Website Hasn't Enrolled One Person in Private Insurance Yet

And the fax line is always busy. The state site aims for functionality by Dec. 16.

CIO Briefing

The To-Do List

What the online Obamacare marketplace must do by the end of the month and beyond.

CIO Briefing

House Subpoenas Todd Park, Marks Him as Next Scapegoat

Democrats have asked Rep. Darrell Issa to drop his 'misguided' subpoena.

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Verizon Will Be Part of the 'Tech Surge'

'They are people who already know the government process,' former official explains.

CIO Briefing Is on Track to Miss Its Enrollment Deadlines

Users are still experiencing issues with the federal exchange.