Emerging Tech

Man vs. Sea: The Quest for the Perfect Armor Is Nearly Complete

Slowly, humans are developing the ability to act like ourselves in the deep water.

CIO Briefing

Why Drugs Need Horseshoe Crab Blood for FDA Approval

Everyone who has had an injection in the U.S. has been protected by the blood of a forgettable sea creature.

Emerging Tech

This GIF Shows What Might Be Water Flowing on Mars

Thanks to seasonally warm temperatures and some iron-based anti-freeze.

CIO Briefing

Snipers Coordinated an Attack on the Power Grid, but Why?

A story seemingly stolen from the pages of a crime thriller, but far less comprehensible.

Emerging Tech

Introducing (1978!) Cellular Phone Service

Bell Labs explains Advanced Mobile Phone Service, available in a car near you.

Emerging Tech

Earth Resumes Surveillance of Mercury

After a two-month hiatus, the Messenger spacecraft has resumed sending home images of the sun's closest companion.

CIO Briefing

The Future of the Army: Fewer Soldiers, More Robots, More 'Lethality'

If Google is doing it, DARPA is also doing it, but with more lethality.

Emerging Tech

These Two Guys Tried to Rebuild a Cray Supercomputer

It wasn't easy, even though your iPhone is ten times faster than machines that used to be model nuclear weapons.

Emerging Tech

Where Do We Go From Here? 8 Hypotheses About Tech in 2014

The year ahead will be the beginning of a new cycle in the long story of humans and the tools they use.


61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human

And here's how to build your own little traffic bot, even though you shouldn't.

Emerging Tech

Drone-Delivery Expert on Amazon's Plans

"We’re convinced that it’s going to be the next big paradigm in transportation."


HP Lovecraft on Big Data

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."

Emerging Tech

How the Comet Lost Its Tail

An entrancing lesson in the power of the coronal mass ejection -- on Thanksgiving?!

Emerging Tech

Is Google's Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication?

The short answer is 'no,' but the long answer is much more interesting.

IT Modernization

How Many Astronauts Believe Aliens Exist?

All of them, according to former Space Station commander Chris Hadfield. At least somewhere.

Emerging Tech

How to Launder Billions of Digital Dollars

Less like the gangsterism of old; more like a lawless Paypal.

CIO Briefing

Test Your Techie Trivia Skills: Where Are Those 90s Terms Now?

Will twerk and phablet go the way of e-tailing and palmtop, or endure like geek and LOL?


Among the NSA's Own Tips for Securing Computers: Remove the Webcam

And if the NSA doesn't trust a piece of hardware, you probably shouldn't either.