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Alana Semuels

Emerging Tech

Your AirPods Will Die Soon

The surprisingly short life of new electronic devices.

Emerging Tech

Tech Billionaires’ Obligation to the Cities Around Them

California voters are being asked to tax big corporations to solve local problems. But is that the companies’ responsibility?

Emerging Tech

The Amazon Selling Machine

The e-commerce company has so much information about us that it’s become expert at shilling us things we didn’t even know we needed. No wonder its advertising business is booming.

Emerging Tech

The Online Gig Economy’s ‘Race to the Bottom’

When the whole world is fighting for the same jobs, what happens to workers?

Digital Government

Despite the Glitches, Shoppers Can’t Quit Amazon

The company’s website continually crashed during its much-touted Prime Day event, but sales were still higher than ever.

Emerging Tech

Shhh! How Technology Will Make the Future Less Noisy

Even sirens, airplanes and leaf blowers may make less noise.

Artificial Intelligence

Community Rallies to 'Ban Killer Drones'

The unmanned-aircraft industry could help to revive a struggling region. But what are the consequences?