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Adam Pasick

Adam Pasick
Adam was formerly managing editor of Before that spent 10 years with Reuters in New York, London, and—in a career move that will haunt him for all eternity—the virtual world of Second Life. He is based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Emerging Tech

The Tech Start-Up Running Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The Groundwork, started by Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt, plays a major role in Clinton’s digital efforts.

IT Modernization

Hackers Have Been Using the Starbucks App to Steal Money From Latte Drinkers

Any time you link an app to your bank account or credit card, you better use a good password.

IT Modernization

China’s Sketchy App Stores Now Serve up iPhone Malware

The “Wirelurker” malware was flagged by security firm Palo Alto Networks, and is notable because it is one of the first pieces of malicious code that can infect iPhones that have not been jailbroken.

IT Modernization

Facebook’s Drones Could Bring Internet to the Developing World—and Stick it to Mobile Carriers

Facebook is in talks to buy a drone company Titan Aerospace, which is developing autonomous solar-powered aircraft.

CIO Briefing

A Scientist Used Some Electrodes, a Magnet, and a Swim Cap to Play a Video Game Using His Colleague’s Brain

Researchers at the University of Washington have completed the first experiment demonstrating human brain-to-brain communication.


Beijing Embraces Big Data to Measure Public Opinion

The Chinese government is taking a cue from western countries in measuring the populace.

IT Modernization

Brutal Smartphone Market Is Clobbering Former Stalwarts

NEC has decided to exit the smartphone business entirely


China Patches Cracks in the Great Firewall ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Instead of censoring, Chinese users' search results are now scrubbed clean of all references to the 1989 protests.

IT Modernization

Softbank’s Latest Sprint Nextel Offer Includes a Seat on the Board for Uncle Sam

The seat would assuage fears about Chinese equipment suppliers like Huawei which might compromise the nation’s telecom infrastructure.


China’s Huawei Bails on the United States

The giant network equipment manufacturer has been repeatedly accused of threatening U.S. National Security.

CIO Briefing

China Bird Flu Breakdown: No Country for Old Men

The H7N9 virus is disproportionately affecting older men as it spreads in China.