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Adam Mazmanian

CXO Briefing

Technology can fix the budget crisis, say former FCC officials

Former regulators have an ambitious plan to accelerate growth.


Cyber Monday crackdown hits 132 websites

Immigration and Customs Enforcement targets alleged counterfeiters of trademarked goods.


Silicon Valley reps urge FTC caution on Google

Eshoo and Lofgren say action would constitute a “massive expansion of FTC jurisdiction."

CXO Briefing

What to expect on technology in Obama's second term

Many changes could be on the horizon for president.

IT Modernization

Mobile apps help campaigns track voters

The Romney campaign's Project Orca and the Democratic Party's Mobile Pollwatcher app are helping count voters.

IT Modernization

Election app targets voter suppression fears

Users can document and report possible voting irregularities.

IT Modernization

FCC commits $300 million to close gaps in mobile coverage

Wireless providers obtained the Mobility Fund money through participation in a reverse auction.

CXO Briefing

Study: On Facebook, voting is contagious

Large-scale study of more than 60 million users conducted during the November 2010 election finds social network has discernible effect on participation.

CXO Briefing

Republican FTC nominee an expert on Google

Joshua Wright, the conservative economist appointed by President Obama as one of the top antitrust scholars of his generation.

IT Modernization

How candidates are selling the hashtag election

The 2012 party conventions were a kind of coming-out party for Twitter as a political advertising platform.

IT Modernization

Obama, Romney in hashtag battle on Twitter

The Obama campaign has purchased its first Promoted Trend on Twitter and Romney's camp has countered.


Obama app links Facebook friends to voter lists

Much of the information is already publicly available, but some fear it will be abused.

IT Modernization

Twitter: The 140-character news cycle dominates conventions

The Obama team has built an extensive digital infrastructure.

IT Modernization

Obama’s 50-state Twitter campaign

The social media action is in the swing states.

Emerging Tech

Is Facebook yesterday's news in the presidential race?

The real action in digital campaigning may not hinge on public-facing social-media networks.

IT Modernization

Wireless industry puts out text donation guidelines

The Obama campaign on Friday rolled out a plan to accept campaign contributions via text-to-donate short codes for mobile customers.

IT Modernization

Romney woos tech sector with small government approach

GOP standard-bearer says he would focus on cybersecurity in his first 100 days.