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Aamna Mohdin

Artificial Intelligence

DeepMind AI’s Next Challenge: Prevent Blindness

Researchers will use machine learning to analyze anonymous eye scans, which they will then use to create an algorithm that can better spot early signs of eye conditions.

Digital Government

ISIS Launches App -- For Kids

The terrorist group has found a new way to promote its message to children.

Emerging Tech

You’re Not Alone: Even the Obamas Can’t Get Good Wi-Fi

The President says he hopes to fix the “whole tech thing” for “the next group of folks” who will move in.

Digital Government

Harvard Study: Criminals Aren’t Actually ‘Going Dark’ Using Encryption

Who needs to access encrypted text messages when law enforcement could listen in through a smart TV?

Digital Government

Floppy Disks and Windows XP: Nuclear Weapons Technology Is Hilariously Out of Date

The majority of the systems in the Wyoming U.S. Air Force launch control center date back to the 1960s and 1970s.

Digital Government

There’s Now a Downloadable Chrome App to Eliminate 'Sorry' and 'I’m No Expert' From Email

Do you regularly use the words “just,” “sorry” and “I think” in your emails? You may be undermining yourself and the message you’re trying to send.

Emerging Tech

With This Ultra-Thin Cloth, We’re Getting Closer to a Real-Life Invisibility Cloak

While this won’t allow you to get up to the same hijinks as Harry Potter, it is a massive leap forward in the field of invisibility.


NFL Will Outfit Every Player with Movement-Tracking Wearables This Season

These devices will generate an enormous amount of real-time usable statistics, and could dramatically change the way fans and teams watch and analyze games.