What's Brewin

Today's Lesson -- Aging Soviet Rocket Engine Doesn't Fly

Orbital Sciences Corp. tried to launch a mission to the International Space Station using rocket engines built four decades ago

A Whole Bunch of GPS Action

Two new GPS sets pack enhanced anti-jam features. The latest launch is this week.

Want More Info on the Military’s Ebola Efforts? Tune in Here Thursday

Top leaders will discuss ongoing support operations during a live broadcast.

Huge Bidder Pile-On for VA’s $22.3 Billion Tech Deal

If all these interested vendors actually submit a bid, the VA acquisition folks will have to go into overtime to weed through all the paper.

BadUSB Denial?

Pentagon, White House won’t address specifics of problem.

Military Health System Does Not Like Patient Safety Bad News

Staffers fear retaliation, according to the findings of a Pentagon-ordered review.