Can NTSB-style oversight work for cybersecurity?

President Joe Biden's new cybersecurity executive order calls for a safety review board to examine the attack against SolarWinds as well as other significant cybersecurity incidents moving forward.

FITARA grades mostly stable

Most agencies maintained their grades on the latest FITARA scorecard, but the new telecom category produced some failing marks.

Lawmakers probe telework's impact on federal jobs, hiring

Although the move to telework has presented challenges, agency officials told senators at a hearing emphasized the benefits in terms of hiring and productivity.

Sen. Hassan digs into agency IT plans

The push comes, the New Hampshire Democrat explained, because of technology weaknesses exposed in the federal government response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NTIA backs Pentagon on Ligado 5G license

The Commerce Department is asking the Federal Communications Commission to reverse a plan to permit a commercial 5G provider to set up shop in spectrum adjacent to the global positioning system.

COVID-19 shifts network priorities

Network infrastructure is a key to unlocking remote work in the new COVID environment, say agency CIOs.

Executive order looks to safeguard GPS infrastructure

Federal agencies are being tasked with developing guidance to protect signaling and spectrum capabilities that undergird GPS and other services.

Agencies look to 'low code' to speed development

Increasingly federal agencies are looking to easy-to-use "low code" development techniques to build public-facing apps.

DOT harnesses machine learning for regulations

The Department of Transportation is leveraging a machine learning-based dashboard to help agency employees navigate its ocean of rules and regulations.

DOT seeks data help

The Department of Transportation is looking for senior-level talent to reimagine and reconfigure how it manages, collects and presents key safety and regulatory data.

Bringing AI into the federal technology fold

Agencies are beginning to develop new capacity to incorporate emerging technologies for every use in data analysis.

DOT wants to preserve spectrum for connected vehicle apps

The Department of Transportation wants to keep the 5.9 GHz spectrum band reserved for connected vehicle technology, but the FCC has other plans.

Senate turns up a decade of federal cybersecurity failure

Some of the biggest civilian agencies have failed to act on internal cybersecurity audits dating back multiple years, a Senate report found.

U.S. geospatial data could flow to China via drones

Experts and public officials warned lawmakers at a Senate hearing of the risks in China's increasing dominance in low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles.

Connected-vehicle spectrum could be tapped for next gen Wi-Fi

The Federal Communications Commission wants to re-examine spectrum set aside for vehicle-to-vehicle communications to help speed next-generation Wi-Fi and 5G.

Transportation safety agency tees up regulations for driverless cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking at how to regulate self-driving cars.

The Hot New Thing in Dockless Electric Scooters: Docks

Cities are desperate to tame the sidewalk chaos of the e-scooter industry. As companies weigh dock options, one startup offers a solar-powered solution.