The Air Force’s Platform One Team Thought It Was Agile. Then COVID-19 Hit.

The pandemic pushed the service’s internal DevOps team to hit a 10-updates-a-day deployment schedule for a new secure communications platform.

Never Go Back to the Office

The coronavirus killed corporate culture. Get used to working from home.

Federal CIO Sheds Light on What Agencies Are Learning in COVID-19 Response

U.S. tech chief Suzette Kent detailed how COVID-19 response efforts offer agencies a new vantage point into their past operations.

How Agencies Can Sustain Telework After the COVID Pandemic

Agencies are now financially able to boost their IT capacity and acquire equipment to operate in the work from home landscape.

COVID-19 More Likely to Accelerate Telecom Modernization than Cause Delays, GSA Officials Say

The pandemic has delayed some agency transitions to the $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract, but those are outliers, according to program leads.

CISA Releases Top 10 Most Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities

The agency highlighted three threats targeting remote workers though other known issues date back to 2016.

New House COVID-19 Bill Includes Hazard Pay for Feds, Strengthens Protections for Telework and Sick Leave

Pelosi on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would provide up to $10,000 in premium pay for federal workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak and would prevent agencies from exempting employees from paid sick leave benefits.

Critical Update: Teleworking Securely During the Pandemic

Nextgov staff recently joined the GovExec Daily podcast to discuss do's and don'ts of remote work.

Decisions To Reopen GSA Regional Offices Will Be Made At the Local Level

The agency’s open floorplans and other concerns make it difficult to reopen offices, but GSA’s telework culture has kept operations running smoothly, according to an agency official.

Survey Suggests Businesses are Overconfident About Their Security During COVID-19

Hackers and scammers are capitalizing on increased online activity during the novel coronavirus pandemic but security officials don’t seem worried.

Esper Says Pentagon Is Bracing for a ‘New Normal’ That Lasts ‘An Extended Period of Time’

"What do we do over the next 6, 12, 18 months?" the defense secretary asked at a Monday virtual event.

Preparing for the New Normal

We’ve figured out how to use technology to help conduct business without needing to be face to face, and in many ways it’s a lot more efficient.

CFPB Seeks Health Guidance for Bringing Employees Back to Offices

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking for advice on health protocols, personal protective equipment, and general guidance for a workforce “re-entry” plan.

Critical Update: How State Department IT Was Set Up to Deal with COVID-19

State Department CIO Stuart McGuigan joins Critical Update to talk about his vision for the agency and how the department’s decentralized nature made for an easy transition to mass telework.

What Feds Teleworking During the Pandemic Need to Know About Complying With the Hatch Act

Special counsel releases guidance on what counts as “on duty” while working from home, and what not to do during video conferences.

Zoom or Not? NSA Offers Agencies Guidance for Choosing Videoconference Tools.

The agency weighs in on the questions federal employees and contractors should ask as they select collaboration platforms.