Supply Chain

FERC Asks Energy Sector to Report Huawei, ZTE Usage

Amid fears over having to replace equipment, Energy official noted no set timeline for implementing next steps on a related executive order.

Comments on Government Supply Chain Rule Push for Better Definitions and More Time

Industry groups and other comments highlight the difficulty of complying with a provision of last year’s defense authorization act that requires the removal of products from companies including Huawei and ZTE. 

GSA Provides Some Clarity on Section 889 Implementation

The General Services Administration emphasized the importance of outreach but declined to address questions around confusing language in Section 889.

FCC Estimates Replacing Chinese Telecom Equipment Will Cost at Least $1.6 Billion

A key lawmaker echoed calls from the agency’s chairman for Congress to appropriate the money.

Pentagon’s Contractor Cybersecurity Program Approaches Testing Phase 

The pending non-profit in charge of issuing certifications is moving forward with training for assessors as a key aspect of its arrangement with the Defense Department could be in flux. 

Leveraging Automation to Ensure Government Supply Chain Health

When we apply these emerging technological capabilities directly to the management of supply chains, the results are powerful and highly impactful.

Pentagon Acquisition Chief Clarifies Temporary Extension for Implementing Chinese Equipment Ban

A recent memo allows vendors additional time to comply with Section 889 for certain low-risk goods, but the department is not seeking mass extensions, Ellen Lord told reporters.

Commerce Expands Restrictions on Huawei

The department's Bureau of Industry and Security added another 38 Huawei affiliates to its Entity List.

Number of Foreign Companies Within Defense Supply Chain Grew Over Past Decade, Report Says

Reliance on foreign suppliers in the defense industrial base rose—notably in packaged software and IT services—even as calls for reshoring increase, according to a new report.

Pentagon Wants Contractor Feedback on Rule Change that Bans Certain Chinese Firms

A provision of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act banning agencies from contracting with companies doing business with Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE now takes effect.

GAO to Suggest More than 100 Ways to Secure Federal IT Supply Chains

An upcoming GAO report will provide recommendations for civilian federal agencies to secure their global supply chains.

NTIA to Host Proof-of-Concept Summit in Software Transparency Effort

More agencies are starting to ask suppliers for a software bill of materials in building a foundation for better, faster cybersecurity.

E-Marketplaces in the Time of COVID-19

E-marketplaces also can direct limited, critical supplies to those who need it most.

The Liability Plan to Hold Software Producers Accountable for Cybersecurity 

A key congressman explains one of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s loftier recommendations.

Preventing Cyberattacks in Government Supply Chains

Stolen credentials remain the No. 1 hacking tactic used by malicious actors to gain access to “secure” networks and wreak havoc within organizations—and potentially up the supply chain.