Supply Chain

FBI Seeks a Vendor to Help with Multiyear IT Modernization Project

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is creating a new contract to help with the IT Modernization Initiative and other major efforts.

Biden’s Nominee to Lead CISA Interested in Reforming FISMA

Members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee pressed Jen Easterly and other key nominees on supply chain security and workforce challenges.

Biden Redirects Agencies on Securing Information and Communications Technology

A new executive order revokes bans on WeChat and TikTok but retains and adds to a Trump edict on U.S. tech, especially “connected software applications” tied to foreign adversaries.

White House Presents Steps to Address Supply-Chain Problems

A new task force would examine issues that surfaced during the pandemic, including semiconductor shortages.

DOD-NTIA Open 5G Challenge Could Lead to New Requirements

A Defense Department official said DOD’s 5G prototyping is also examining the benefits of hardware and software bills of materials to scrutinize the supply chain.

Executive Order Hints at FedRAMP Alternatives

The order calls for modernizing the cloud-security program and opens the door for other frameworks to be used for authorization.

NTIA Wants Feedback on Software Transparency Plan

One high-profile expert raised the ever-looming workforce challenge in suggesting the juice might not yet be worth the squeeze.

NIST Will Do Gap Analysis Before Creating Software Standards for Executive Order

The Government Accountability Office told lawmakers enforcement, through expanded reporting, of agencies’ supply chain security activity is “the thing that has to happen.”

GAO to Explore the Government’s Role in Cybersecurity Insurance

The Treasury Department runs a program to insure the insurers, but there’s a limit to the backstop.

House Panel Passes Bill to Explore Bringing State and Local Cybersecurity Workers into CISA

The Homeland Security Committee cleared several bills to address cybersecurity following the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Bill to Address Chip Shortage Is Only the Beginning, Senator Says

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, said more legislation is necessary to keep pace with adversaries.

Critical Update: Do You Know What’s In Your Software?

In the wake of several major cybersecurity incidents, the government wants to shore up its software supply chain. Two experts explain the merits of some approaches and why there’s no silver bullet. 

Progressive Lawmakers Praise Biden’s Plan for Cybersecurity Labels

Reviews are in on the administration’s long-awaited executive order following several major hacking campaigns.

Lawmakers Propose More Than $100B for Federal Tech-Driving Investments

The Senate is set to consider the bipartisan Endless Frontier Act in the coming weeks.

DOD’s Cybersecurity Accreditation Partner Working to Address Conflict of Interest Issues

Multiple members of the Accreditation Body’s board of directors also serve as consultants in the cybersecurity space, which critics say gives them an unfair advantage to cash in on the program.