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Weeding Out Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Just Became More Difficult

Millions of out-of-work Americans are filing for unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic and fraudsters are using the unprecedented crush of filings to take advantage.

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Senators Make Bipartisan Push to Expedite Hiring for Workers to Oversee Pandemic Response

Measure would ensure special investigator has proper resources in light of Trump's recent IG firing spree, senator says.


Senators Unveil Bill to Force Airlines to Provide Cash Back for Pandemic-Driven Flight Cancellations

If passed, the bill would also make cash reimbursements retroactive, enabling refunds for existing vouchers that date back to March 1.

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New House COVID-19 Bill Includes Hazard Pay for Feds, Strengthens Protections for Telework and Sick Leave

Pelosi on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would provide up to $10,000 in premium pay for federal workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak and would prevent agencies from exempting employees from paid sick leave benefits.

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Senators Push for $26 Billion in the Next Stimulus Package to Support U.S. Researchers

The growing group hopes to help address the pandemic-induced challenges that research universities, academic medical centers, national labs and others are facing.

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House Approves Creation of a Select Panel to Oversee Pandemic-Related Spending and Response

Critics have said the committee will be duplicative, but one transparency expert said that "overlapping oversight jurisdictions can be a good thing if managed correctly."


COVID-19: The Unlikely Accelerant of IT Modernization

The current crisis ushers in the workplace of the future today.

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Forget Travel Vouchers, Airlines Should Give Customers Cash Back, Senators Say

A group of senators estimates airlines are holding about $10 billion from customers whose travel plans changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Treasury Secretary Says Electronic Stimulus Payments ‘More Secure,' But Are They?

Verifying the identity of people submitting personal information to IRS portals could be a challenge for the agency.

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House Oversight Leaders Seek Childcare Payments and Other Help for Feds in Next COVID-19 Relief Bill

In a letter to House leadership, Democrats unveil a laundry list of legislative proposals to assist federal employees and contractors during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus Response 'Likely' to Lead to IRS Backlogs, IG Says

Outstanding cases have already spiked due to shutdown, and now thousands of employees are home and not working.

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White House Advises Agencies on COVID-19 Spending and Reporting

“Time is of the essence,” but “spending transparency and regular reporting will provide important accountability mechanisms to help safeguard taxpayer dollars,” the Office of Management and Budget said in a memo.


The Intersection of Cyber Crime and Coronavirus Stimulus: The Perfect Storm for Fraud

Millions of people filing for unemployment, a fast-moving economic stimulus, requests for accelerated payments, and obligations and contract awards—all of these factors create the perfect storm for fraudsters.

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ODNI Directs Agencies to Be Flexible with National Security Contractors

The guidance recommends immediate contract modifications to allow some industry personnel to remain at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Trump Removes Acting Pentagon IG Slated to Lead Pandemic Oversight

Only current IGs may serve in the new position created by Congress to oversee the government's coronavirus relief effort.


Veda Sims: A measure of risk

Sims led the in-depth security risk assessments that paved the way for taking to the cloud.