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Part 3 - Iron Bow Technologies - IronTarget Architecture

In part 3 of the IronTarget video series, Iron Bow Technologies' Director of Cloud Practice, Steve Smith, provides an overview of the hyperconverged architecture IronTarget is built upon.

Part 4 - Iron Bow Technologies - Software Defined Data Center

In part 4 of the IronTarget video series, Iron Bow Technologies' Director of Cloud Practice, Steve Smith, illustrates the advantages of IronTarget's software-defined data center, which provides increased security, automated capabilities, and flexibility for users.

Remote Workforce - IronTarget Home Office Solution

Access to any workload, anywhere, on any device - powered by IronTarget, a turnkey multi-cloud solution

Webcast: On Target - How to Successfully Implement a Cloud Smart Strategy

Multi-cloud. On-prem. Hybrid. There is a lot for government to consider when migrating to the cloud.

With IronTarget, Everything Comes Together

Get what you need, when you need it with Iron Bow Technologies' hybrid cloud platform.

Flash Poll: Putting Cloud Smart into Practice

Government agencies have been shifting their data storage needs to cloud-based servers with two primary goals in mind.

IronTarget: The Only Cloud Solution You Need

IronTarget is a reference architecture that’s helping organizations introduce infrastructure automation and simplify their journey to a multi-cloud environment.

Automate Your Infrastructure. Enable multi-Cloud.

Moving to cloud means different things to different people, but no matter how it is done, the end goal is the same – creating a different operational model that finds new efficiencies, enables automation and allows data to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Crawl, Walk, Run: Agencies Find the Right Pace for Cloud Innovation

Government Business Council (GBC) interviewed top officials at the Departments of State, HHS, and DISA regarding the future of cloud computing.