Security Clearances

DOD Now Continuously Monitoring Clearance Holders’ Credit and Criminal Records

The long-awaited change to the background investigations process will flag concerning information for further investigation.

Background Check Agency Wants a Social Media Search Tool

The Defense Department office charged with investigating potential insider threats wants to use social media to add context to allegations.

Pentagon Wants to Upgrade the IT Supporting Its Insider Threat Program

The Defense Department wants a vendor to manage the next phase of development for the insider threat program’s central database and case management.

DOD Needs IT Support for Security Clearance Background Investigations Program

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency took over management of the background investigations process but does not own all of the related IT systems—yet.

‘For the First Time In Many Years,’ OPM Has a Plan To Fix Its Tech

The agency will need funding, a skilled staff, consistent leadership and more funding to successfully implement the CIO’s latest plan, according to the inspector general.

Security Clearance Reformers Tout Progress Amid COVID-19

The pandemic pushed adjudicators to conduct more virtual interviews, though that progress might be undone when the crisis passes.

Intelligence Authorization Would Add to Due Process Rules for Security Clearance Reviews

Also new in the bill is a provision allowing the government to share negative information about contractors with their companies.

New Security Clearance Office Gets First Permanent Leader

The new program office is getting a permanent director nearly five months after shifting the background investigations process to the Defense Department.

Senator Calls on Administration to Offer Flexibilities on Security Clearance Adjudications for Coronavirus

Sen. Warner wants to ensure that coronavirus financial hardships don’t negatively impact intelligence community employees and contractors.

Industry Offers Quick Fixes For Major Pain Points In Security Clearance Process

The background investigations backlog and wait times are down, but contractors still see hurdles in getting people cleared for sensitive work.

Security Clearance Backlog Hits Long-Awaited ‘Steady State’

The backlog of background investigations has leveled off at a sustainable 200,000, according to lawmakers.

The Pentagon Has Officially Taken Over the Security Clearance Process

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency is now responsible for conducting 95% of the government’s background investigations.

OPM Cuts Security Clearance Backlog in Half, But Processing Delays Spell Trouble for Pentagon

The National Background Investigations Bureau is barreling through the backlog of clearance applications as the Defense Department prepares to take over the function in October.

Union Accuses Pentagon of Ducking Bargaining Rules With Transfers of IT Employees

IT workers at the Defense Contract Management Agency are not being given the opportunity to accept or decline being moved to the Defense Information Services Agency, labor officials said.

Pentagon Drops $75M To Beef Up Background Investigation's IT Environment

The Defense Security Service penned an OTA contract with Perspecta and several non-traditional vendors to build advanced capabilities and a secure DevOps environment.

OPM Chief to Propose Legislation for Merger With GSA By Week’s End

The Trump administration claims OPM cannot function properly without revenue from the National Background Investigations Bureau.