Research & Development

Securing U.S. Intellectual Property ‘Top Priority’ for Federal Law Enforcement

The FBI and Homeland Security are emphasizing the need to digitally safeguard tech R&D in the U.S. from state-sponsored adversaries.

FDA Seeks Insight into How AI can Help and Hurt Drug-Making

The Food and Drug Administration is seeking public feedback amid its efforts to balance the advantages and risks of deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning into drug creation and approval processes.

Energy Department Invests $26 Million to Support Clean Electric Grid

The funding will be spread across eight projects in 13 states and U.S. territories.

Navy Finalizes $248M Simulation R&D Award with Small Business

Work supports an integrated battlespace simulation and test department that also acts as a Navy center of excellence.

DHS S&T and CISA Forge Deep Partnership in Emerging Tech R&D

The Department of Homeland Security components are working more closely than ever to understand emerging technologies’ prospects and threats.

NASA Makes 6 Awards to Help Advance Air and Space Exploration

The concepts include quantum radar technology and using bacteria to make on-demand drugs in space.

White House Launches Strategy to Advance Data Privacy Tech and Processes

Absent comprehensive federal law, the strategy represents a new chapter toward regulating data privacy protocols for U.S. online users.

Technologists, Experts Call for Halt on Advanced AI Development Over ‘Risks to Society’

High-profile signees include Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

US Needs Improved Regulation to Foster Drone R&D

Unmanned aircraft system innovation is hindered by the current regulatory framework, according to witnesses at a congressional hearing.

Naval Research Lab Launches First In-Space Laser Energy Experiment

The experiment will demonstrate using power beaming technology to deliver instant energy in space.

16 Agencies Create One Confidential Data Process to Rule Them All

In three years, creators of the Standard Application Process condensed 16 different agencies’ processes into one central portal for confidential data requests.

America’s Scientific and Tech Leadership Hinges on Funding, Personnel

A House hearing examined the needs of the U.S.’s scientific assets amidst tensions with China and the development of a National Science and Technology Strategy.

DHS's Biometric Rally Reveals Strong Capabilities Reliant on Camera Configuration

Researchers at the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate explained how camera systems’ capacity for varied skin tones can make or break an accurate biometric reading.

Energy Issues Over $9M in Quantum Research Funding

13 projects will receive funding over the course of three years, all of which apply quantum technology to solving nuclear physics problems.

NSF to Helm Nearly $50M Semiconductor Public-Private Partnership

The National Science Foundation will work alongside four private sector companies to spur developments in the U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturing field.