Research & Development

Energy Curates New Tools, Unveils Funding to Assist Research Efforts Against COVID-19

Through its COVID-19 Technical Assistance Program, the department will provide roughly $500,000 to support research against the pandemic.

Critical Update: National Labs Pivoted to Help Fight COVID-19. Here's How.

Federal insiders offer a glimpse of how the global health care crisis sparked a new wave of multi-sector collaboration.

Federal Researchers Create 'Second Skin' to Shield Against Biological Threats

The material shields wearers from chemical and biological agents and could pave the way to smart uniforms for troops and first responders.

Quantum Hardware Could Cut AI Power Needs

Sharing intelligence features between hardware and software would offset the energy needed for using AI in more advanced applications such as self-driving cars or discovering drugs.

Cheetah-Inspired Soft Robot 'Gallops' with Super-Speed

The new robots can also run up steep inclines, challenging or impossible for soft robots that exert less force against the ground.

National Lab Scientists Work to Reprogram Genes to Fight COVID-19

Using CRISPR, Sandia National Lab researchers are genetically engineering antiviral countermeasures to fight the coronavirus—and potentially future outbreaks.

Senators Push for $26 Billion in the Next Stimulus Package to Support U.S. Researchers

The growing group hopes to help address the pandemic-induced challenges that research universities, academic medical centers, national labs and others are facing.

Energy Offers Advanced Computing Resources to Solve Domestic Manufacturing Challenges

The agency launched a new opportunity for industry and academic partners to tap into its top tech tools.

US, UK Cyber Authorities Warn State-Backed Hackers Are After COVID-19 Treatment Data

Attackers use password spraying tools to target pharmaceutical and research organizations.

Republican Lawmakers Propose Bill to Support Government COVID-19 Research Effort

The COVID Research Act includes several authorizations, including $50 million to the Energy Department.

Supercomputing System Fighting COVID-19 Gets Upgrade

AMD made the contribution to nearly double the system’s performance capabilities.

Federal Spending on COVID-19 Doubles in Last 10 Days

The latest government spending data shows a major jump between April 13 and 23, up to $6.4 billion.

OSTP, NIST Team Up to Fine-Tune Search Engines for COVID-19 Research

Researchers are using the present health crisis to help improve search systems and enable clinicians to find better answers quicker.