Public Health

The Threat That COVID-19 Poses Now

After a year of waves and surges, the pandemic is entering a “tornado” phase in America.

You Can Fly! CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Travel Safely within the U.S.

Travelers should continue to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

The Hidden Toll of Remote Work

Switching to Zoom forever might be convenient, but it’s a recipe for loneliness.

Infections with ‘U.K. Variant’ B.1.1.7 Have Greater Risk of Mortality

Now is not the time to get complacent, says NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins. This devastating pandemic isn’t over yet.

The Vaccine Line Is an Illusion

People are stretching the truth to get the vaccine faster, but experts say I shouldn’t. Here’s why.

Service Dogs Can Help Veterans with PTSD – Growing Evidence Shows They May Reduce Anxiety in Practical Ways

Unlike emotional support dogs or therapy dogs, service dogs must be trained to do specific tasks.

Why You Should Get a COVID-19 Vaccine – Even If You've Already Had the Coronavirus

COVID–19 vaccines offer safer and more reliable immunity than natural infection.

Share of Remote Workers Comfortable Returning to Office Rises, Survey Finds

But the results also suggest most people want to see their coworkers vaccinated before going back.

People Gave Up on Flu Pandemic Measures a Century Ago When They Tired of Them – and Paid a Price

If we have anything to learn from the history of the 1918 influenza pandemic, it is that a premature return to pre-pandemic life risks more cases and more deaths.

3 Ways the Pandemic Has Made the World Better

COVID-19 has inflicted devastating losses. It has also delivered certain blessings.

Health Agencies Seek Face Mask Designs of the Future

Federal officials want innovators to reimagine the protective products.

Trump-Era COVID Guidance Wasn’t ‘Primarily’ Written by CDC Staff, Review Finds 

President Biden’s CDC director requested the review as she works to rebuild the agency.

5 Strategies to Prepare Now for the Next Pandemic

First, shore up the systems already in place.

HHS Aims to Accelerate Technologies for Combatting Lyme Disease

The often-overlooked illness radically disrupts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.