Domestic Abusers Use Tech that Connects as a Weapon During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Left unchecked, violence against women and girls can increase in frequency and severity and damage victims’ physical and mental health. I

Pentagon Wants to Scale Up Its Device Security Program

The Comply-to-Connect program ensures devices connecting to military networks have baseline security without needing to install endpoint management apps.

FCC Proposes $225 Million Fine for Telemarketers Behind Massive Robocall Operation

The automated calls misled those who answered into thinking they were from major health insurance providers.

The Case for Using Commercial Tools to Allow Classified Telework

Programs like the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified could be a path to transmit classified information without specialized hardware.

Technology for the Next Phase of Pandemic

Moving to later stages of reopening will require advancements in two areas, standardization of care and robust contact tracing.

Survey: Americans Trust Big Tech Over Government in Contact Tracing

More than 75% of Americans feel their privacy is at risk due to measures being taken to combat COVID-19.

Contact Tracers Don’t Need Your Social Security Number or Bank Info, FTC Warns

A new text scam uses coronavirus-response efforts as cover to pump victims for financial information.

Iran Is Increasing Its Military and Cyber Activity, Report Says

After a big drop in April, Iran’s conventional military activity is up. Cyber operations never slowed down.

Government Absence Leaves Big Tech to Steer Privacy for Contact Tracing Apps

Agency CISOs will have to weigh the ramifications of apps that could combine health and location data of federal employees, a security professional said.

House Lawmakers Press HHS Secretary for Details on Contact Tracing Programs

States are turning to smartphone apps and other digital tools that could compromise privacy, the lawmakers wrote. 

How South Korea Flattened the Coronavirus Curve with Technology

Two measures were critical in the country’s ability to flatten the curve: extensive testing for the disease and a national system for promptly and effectively tracking people infected with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Uses Bluetooth 'Garbage'

To work best, the app requires many people to use it, whether they have had COVID-19 or not.

New App Uses QR Codes to Trace Coronavirus Exposure

A free, open-source smartphone app permits contact tracing for potential coronavirus infections while preserving privacy.

Crashing the Party: Beware the Cyber Risks of Virtual Meet-up Apps Like Houseparty

The app’s booming popularity come with a growing number of questions about how safe and secure these kinds of apps really are.

Wi-Fi Peeks into Buildings to Check Social Distancing

Mapping the Wi-Fi strength of mobile devices can reveal how people move and gather.

The Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine

Contact tracing is working in South Korea and Singapore. But it raises privacy issues.

Why Singapore's Coronavirus Response Worked—and What We Can All Learn

The first thing that helped with its response was it was ready before the outbreak even occurred.