New Data Could Help Siri And Alexa Know When They’re Being Unhelpful

Knowing when there isn’t enough information to provide an accurate answer is a tricky skill to learn.

First Modernization Fund Winners Offer Cheat Sheet for Future Pitches

The first three awardees of the Technology Modernization Fund offer a window into the kinds of projects and pitches the board is looking for.

Google Translate Is Getting An Upgrade

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Privacy Is a Luxury, Just Like a $1,000 iPhone

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Schumer, Rubio Seek to Reverse Trump Reversal on ZTE Ban

Trump wants to help ZTE as part of a U.S.-China trade deal, but lawmakers say the company’s a national security risk.

FCC Bans Surprise Phone Charges

The agency is also cracking down on surprise network switching.

Facebook Gave User Data To The Chinese Company At The Heart of U.S.-China Tech Tensions

Huawei has been flagged numerous times by U.S. lawmakers as a possible security threat to Americans.

Huawei Slams FCC Efforts to Bar It From Federal Communications Program

Government officials say the Chinese telecom poses a hacking threat to national security.

Mozilla Introduces DNS Privacy to Firefox

Updating the Domain Name System for the 21st century.