Massive Classified NSA Contract Under Protest

The second part of the National Security Agency's Groundbreaker IT is on hold.

How to Prepare for More Attacks from Leaked NSA Tools

As the Shadow Brokers continue selling off hacking tools, organizations need to be prepared for hard-to-detect attacks.

NSA Quietly Awarded a Classified $2.4 Billion Tech Contract With More to Come

CSRA wins the NSA’s Groundbreaker recompete to modernize portions of the intelligence community’s IT infrastructure

Homeland Security Adviser Urges Congress to Renew Controversial Surveillance Power

Tom Bossert warned letting Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act sunset would have grave security consequences.

What the Announced NSA/Cyber Command Split Means

Cyberwar and cyber intelligence are diverging, as are Cyber Command and the NSA. Here’s what that means for the man who leads both entities, the future of signals intelligence collection, and cyberwarfare.

Trump Order Elevates Cyber Command

CYBERCOM is now a full combatant command rather than a sub-unified command beneath U.S. Strategic Command.

NSA Updates List of Tech Ready For Commercialization

The agency's portfolio of technology focuses on challenges in big data, cyber, internet of things and mobility.

Who Are the Shadow Brokers?

What is—and isn’t—known about the mysterious hackers leaking National Security Agency secrets

Cyberwar Is Officially Crossing Over Into the Real World

Online warfare already wreaks havoc on the physical world, and it's only going to get worse.

Cybersecurity So Bad, It Makes You WannaCry

There are many interesting elements about the ransomware attack, the biggest being the tools to stop it were readily available.

NSA Engaged in Massive Battle with Russian Hackers in 2014

An NSA official previously described the toe-to-toe battle but placed it in 2015.

Once Stealthy, Russian Hackers Now Go Toe to Toe with U.S. Defenders

Once wary of being spotted, Russian government hackers now battle with their U.S. adversaries.

Government Contractor Accused of Stealing NSA Cyber Secrets

Harold Thomas Martin III worked for at least seven private contractors since 1993, placing him in several defense and intelligence agencies that require security clearances.

Bill to Elevate CYBERCOM Heads to Obama’s Desk

The compromise defense policy bill also sets conditions for splitting NSA and U.S. Cyber Command.

Compromise Defense Policy Bill Elevates Cyber Command

The bill, which could be voted on this week, also places restrictions on splitting CYBERCOM from NSA.

Report: Government’s Zero Days Arsenal is in the Dozens

The Columbia University report advocates more transparency about the government review process for previously unknown computer vulnerabilities.

NSA Chief Has a Phone for Top-Secret Messaging. Here’s How It Works.

The Boeing device is less a phone and more a locked-down portal to a faraway server.