What Are Broadband's Socioeconomic Impacts? Commerce Wants Your Input

The federal government is creating a national research plan for broadband.

White House Ramps Up Federal Drone Programs

The Interior Department will soon use drones for search and rescue missions.

White House Boosts Internet of Things with Wireless Research Program

The National Science Foundation research program could help reach greater connectivity.

White House Announces Expansion of Lab-to-Market 'Innovation Corps'

The National Science Foundation’s four-year-old Innovation Corps has just added many more federal agencies to its repertoire.

Why People Who Put ‘Data Scientist’ on Their LinkedIn Profiles Earn More Money

As the White House’s first chief data scientist, DJ Patil explains the growing importance of his field during his speech at the National Science Foundation.

Got Ideas About Cyber R&D Strategy? You Can Weigh in Now

The National Science Foundation is teaming with the private sector to develop a federal cybersecurity research and development strategic plan.

Could Demographic Information Boost the Number of Women in STEM?

Women remain a minority in STEM research programs and one reason for that could be the unequal distribution of grant money between the sexes.

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