National Science Foundation Spearheads New Funding to Improve Diversity in AI Workforce

In collaboration with six other federal groups, the NSF will focus on expanding minority-serving university offerings in artificial intelligence and machine learning education.

Critical Update: Leveraging Data to Achieve Mission

Data usability—including training and knowledge management—has proven “essential” to help the NSF achieve its mission goals.

Emerging Tech Training Gets a $30M Boost from NSF

The National Science Foundation’s new program, ExLENT, will help individuals gain work experience in emerging technologies through internships and other real-world experiences.

NSF Invests $25.4M into Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Projects

The National Science Foundation’s Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program is one of the agency’s largest research initiatives.

Critical Update: How the National Science Foundation is Innovating for its Innovators

A nascent team is developing platforms that are enabling new discoveries and insight sharing across the federal agency.

AI Research Infrastructure Task Force Needs Input on ‘Democratizing’ Resources

The group is developing an implementation plan for how the U.S. could increase access to artificial intelligence research resources.

NSF Adds 11 New AI Research Institutes to Its Collaborative, Nationwide Network 

Top thinkers across multiple sectors are set to jointly engage with the evolving technology.

NSF, Tech Companies Partner to Create Post-5G Wireless Systems

They intend to promote the development of resilient and intelligent next-gen networks.

Lawmakers Consider the National Science Foundation’s Future

Federal leaders made their cases for increased funding into research and continued focus on technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

One Bot Saves NSF Staff Roughly 25,000 Hours Per Year, CIO Says

And it’s only one small piece of the agency’s broader automation vision.

Lawmakers Propose More Than $100B for Federal Tech-Driving Investments

The Senate is set to consider the bipartisan Endless Frontier Act in the coming weeks.

House Bill Would Direct Agencies to Examine Sexual Harassment in STEM

Those who introduced it intend to help pave the way for new federal policies.

Officials Aim to Diversify the U.S. Quantum Workforce Early On

As experts unleash efforts to attract the future workforce, they are also being deliberate about ensuring the budding field is inclusive from the start.

Critical Update: Let’s Talk About UFOs

What’s behind unidentified aerial phenomena observed by military officials? Are we alone in the universe? Nextgov asks some experts.

Research Center Preps for $35M Supercomputer to Study Earth as a Complex System

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the superfast machine is expected to launch in 2022.