Congress Passes Bill to Spur Veterans’ Participation in STEM Fields

The STEM workforce gap is real. Lawmakers say veterans are a key to help close it.

Trump Signs Law to Boost Girls’ Access to STEM Education at Earlier Ages

The law calls for more research and grants to expand existing National Science Foundation initiatives. 

Trump Announces Picks to Replace Outgoing Leaders at NSF, CISA

The administration plans to nominate a replacement for the National Science Foundation director and appoint a new assistant director for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Critical Update: A Quantum Leap

Quantum computers will be able to crack our encryption but when?

World’s Fastest Academic Supercomputer Unveiled in Texas

The new system will power new discoveries for researchers from across the U.S. and world.

White House Unveils Joint Committee to Invigorate U.S. Research Communities

Co-chairs from across federal agencies will work together on policy-making insights.

NSF Director Approaching Uncertain Tech Landscape with Confidence

France Córdova sat down with Nextgov to discuss the national AI strategy, the federal research ecosystem and the “very exciting” future of quantum computing.

Feds Must Start Preparing for Their Future Jobs, NSF CIO Says

A new National Science Foundation app could help federal employees actively position themselves as part of the future workforce.

What Are Broadband's Socioeconomic Impacts? Commerce Wants Your Input

The federal government is creating a national research plan for broadband.

White House Ramps Up Federal Drone Programs

The Interior Department will soon use drones for search and rescue missions.

White House Boosts Internet of Things with Wireless Research Program

The National Science Foundation research program could help reach greater connectivity.

White House Announces Expansion of Lab-to-Market 'Innovation Corps'

The National Science Foundation’s four-year-old Innovation Corps has just added many more federal agencies to its repertoire.

Why People Who Put ‘Data Scientist’ on Their LinkedIn Profiles Earn More Money

As the White House’s first chief data scientist, DJ Patil explains the growing importance of his field during his speech at the National Science Foundation.