NASA Is Running a 3D Printing Competition to Design Homes on Mars

The idea is to send a robot to Mars to autonomously print a habitat for the arrival of astronauts.

Inside NASA's Cold Atom Lab

Astronauts are studying some very chilly atoms.

Who Should Pay for the Mistakes on NASA’s Next Big Telescope?

The space agency has always coughed up the extra cash, but some politicians wonder if the contractor responsible for major errors should pitch in.

NASA Wants to Know If Space Travel Affects Plant and Animal Evolution

The agency is laying the groundwork for long-term human missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

NOAA’s Next-Gen Weather Satellite is Still Malfunctioning and May Not be Fixable

The second satellite in NOAA’s $11 billion GOES program continues to experience issues with its most important instrument and officials still aren’t sure what’s wrong.

Russia May Put Androids in Orbit Next Year, State Media Says

The mission would be the latest for FEDOR, created for rescue work — and more recently given the ability to shoot guns.

NASA Is Making Troves of Satellite Data More Accessible Than Ever

The open data and new toolkit could inspire a new crop of entrepreneurs.

Donald Trump Nominated a Man With No Space Experience To Be NASA’s Second-in-Command

Trump is passing over Dr. Janet Kavandi, an astronaut and respected leader of one of the space agency’s research centers.

Another Shocking Delay for NASA’s Next Big Telescope

If the James Webb Space Telescope wants to get off the ground, it will need a blessing—and more money—from Congress.

When a Mars Simulation Goes Wrong

A recent mission atop a Hawaiian volcano shows humans still have much to learn before they set foot on another world.

NASA Seeks Moon-Ready Technologies For Short-Notice Trip

The agency's prepping for a trip to the moon as soon as next year.

What Should We Do About the International Space Station?

The Trump administration and Congress are set to collide over the fate of the massive orbital lab.