Internet Access

US and Allies Attribute Attack on U.S. Satellite Provider in Ukraine to Russia

Officials are highlighting significant spillover effects from the attack—including damage to infrastructure supporting wind farms—into Central Europe.

Biden, Harris Unveil New Internet Connectivity Subsidies

The White House announced new federal credits for low income households to have access to high speed internet.

U.S. Enters International Initiative to Oppose Online Disinformation and Censorship

The consortium of countries will work to advance an inclusive global internet to combat digital censorship.

Lawmakers Request Agency Support in Broadband Rollouts

Democrats from the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to help make good on broadband development with Bipartisan Infrastructure funding.

New Bipartisan Bill Would Allow U.S. Govt To Provide Internet In War Zones

The Safely Accessing Telecommunications Act allows the Defense and State Departments to procure telecommunication services on behalf of countries in conflict.

Commerce Gives Over $277 million In Grants To Build Out Broadband

Millions were dispersed across 12 states and territories to develop stronger internet infrastructure, a key mission in the Biden administration agenda.

Air Force Commits Millions to Demonstrate ‘Space Internet’

Constellations of spacecraft spanning different orbits would be explored to provide connectivity.

Broadband Rollout Depends on Fixing ‘Woefully Inadequate’ Maps

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo discussed the agency’s current plans for installing broadband, emphasizing the need for state planning and communication. 

Tribal Broadband Effort Gets $1.5 Million Federal Investment

The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued another round of funding for indigenous communities with poor broadband infrastructure.

Infrastructure Law’s Digital Equity Goals Are Key to Smart Cities that Work for Everyone

Smart cities promise a shining future, but without deliberate efforts to include underserved communities they can worsen the digital divide.

Broadband Dominates Tech Funding In Biden Infrastructure Bill

Funds would go to expanding broadband and 5G connectivity nationwide.

Are You Really Smart, or Is It Just Google?

“We’re seeing that people even forget that they googled a question,” a researcher said.

FDIC’s Temporary Wi-Fi Network Tool Doesn’t Have Needed Security Authorizations

The program is in limbo while the tool awaits an ATO, prompting the inspector general’s office to express its “concerns.”

FCC Releases First U.S. Mobile Broadband Map

The map, which shows where the four largest mobile carriers offer voice and data services, is a step toward improving the accuracy of high-speed internet access data.

Fight for Control Threatens to Destabilize and Fragment the Internet

International power plays are a threat to a stable, open internet.

Teens Have a Hard Time Finding Truth Online

Researchers say students need to be prepared for a world filled with a continual flow of misleading information.

Lawmakers Ask USDA, HUD and FCC to Cooperatively Help Expand Internet Access

Together, the agencies could make better use of data to close connectivity gaps, they argue.