Twitter, Facebook Turn Off Hundreds of Accounts Linked to Chinese Disinformation about Hong Kong Protests

In simultaneous press releases, the social-media companies say they have shut down large amounts of Beijing-controlled activity.

Emerging Tech

DHS is Collecting Biometrics on Thousands of Refugees Who Will Never Enter the U.S.

Most refugees who apply for asylum in the U.S. never set foot in the country, but under an agreement with the United Nations, DHS and its partners can still build biometric profiles on them.

IT Modernization

Chinese Propaganda Goes Tech-savvy to Reach a New Generation

Party propaganda has morphed from dry sermons to "indoctritainment."


What Happens When the World’s Population Stops Growing?

Africa will be the most populous continent. Islam will be the most popular religion. And there are going to be a lot more old people.

Emerging Tech

42 Countries Agree to International Principles for Artificial Intelligence

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development released its global standards, which aim to ensure AI is designed to be robust, safe, fair and trustworthy.


Report: Iran Is Likely Setting Stage for International Phishing Campaign

Hackers have been methodically gaining access to domain name services that allow malware-laden emails to look like they come from legitimate organizations.


Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Fight Chinese Tech Theft and Supply Chain Threats

The legislation would create a White House office to help the government punch back against economic espionage.


State Reauthorization Elevates Cyber Office Tillerson Once Shuttered

The House bill closely tracks a standalone bill to restore and elevate the cyber coordinator’s office.


House Votes to Restore Top Cyber Diplomat’s Office

The vote is a rare rift on cyber policy with the Trump administration.


Bill to Restore State Department Cyber Office Advances

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shuttered the office in September.


House Foreign Affairs Leaders Push to Save State Cyber Office

A bipartisan bill would make the cyber coordinator’s office permanent and a presidential appointment.


Former State Cyber Coordinator Says It Was a Mistake to Close His Office

The department's former cyber coordinator Chris Painter worries the country is stepping back from its role as a global cyber leader.


Tillerson to Slash Cyber Office, Other Special Envoys

The move is part of a broader effort to streamline department operations and reduce its budget.


Democrats Attempt to Save State Department’s Cyber Office

An amendment to a major spending bill would prevent Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from closing or moving the cyber coordinator’s office.


Cyber Office or Not, State Dept. Will Shape International Cyber Rules, White House Official Says

White House Cyber Lead Rob Joyce also dove into the government's use of Kaspersky anti-virus products and how agency leaders will be held accountable for breaches.


International Group Aims to Protect the Core of the Public Internet

Its first task will be tackling what infrastructure should be protected from intelligence services and other groups.


White House Cyber Czar to Play Role in Kushner Innovation Office

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Rob Joyce will help ensure any government modernization programs build cybersecurity in, he said.


International Group Sees New Niche for Bringing Stability to Cyberspace

The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace is on a 3-year mission to create rules of the road.