Interior Wants Wi-Fi for Burning Man

Even temporary cities/arts festivals need networks for government and law enforcement operations.

Here’s What Government Gets Wrong About Bug Bounties

Congress has gone bananas for bug bounties, but they may not always be the right choice.

Interior Wants To Know How To Manage Its Huge Social Media Presence

The department issued a sources sought notice seeking tools to manage its 1,500 social media accounts.

Interior Department Sees ‘Limitless Possibilities’ for Drones

The department aims to be the civilian leader in unmanned systems, flying nearly 5,000 missions last year alone.

Trump Signs Executive Order to ‘Streamline’ Rural Broadband

The order offers no funding for broadband projects but aims instead to reduce bureaucratic barriers for industry.

Interior Department's Plan to Stop Drones from Blocking Firefighters

The "Know Where Not To Go" data set tells drone operators where wildfire response might be happening so they can avoid flying there.

How the Interior Department Stopped a Phishing Attack

The phishing attack compromised more than 100 employees' credentials.

Interior Dept. to Nature: Bring It On, We've Got Drones

The agency’s growing fleet of drones are being used in disaster response, search and rescue and in containing wildfires, mitigating avalanches and monitoring volcanic eruptions.

An Interior Data Center's Security May Have Exposed Data for Years

An OIG report suggests the Bureau of Indian Affairs' cyber program wasn't enough to protect 24 systems internally.

OIG: Interior Needs to Shore Up Insider-Threat Defenses

The department also needs to ensure mobile devices are encrypted, among other recommendations.

White House Ramps Up Federal Drone Programs

The Interior Department will soon use drones for search and rescue missions.

Interior Department Website Gets a New Look

The Interior Department has consolidated its many digital arms into one updated website.

Why It Still Sucks to Be a CIO in Government and What a New Law Can Do About It

While CIOs claim the “chief” title, in many cases their hands have been tied by sprawling bureaucratic structures and a lack of institutional heft.

After Dodging the Bullet that Hit OPM, Interior ‘Owns’ Up to Cyber Problem

Department CIO Sylvia Burns was horrified to learn another agency's database was hacked inside her IT facility.

Post-Breach, Interior Has Mandated Computer Users Sign On with Smart Cards

The majority of individuals with high-level control over Interior data and networks needed only a password to log in.

Meet the Agencies: Touring the US Forest Service’s Modern New Digs

The agency is now saving $5 million a year on rent and $200,000 a year on shuttle buses.

The Mobile Wave Still Looks Like a Trickle in Government

With thousands of federal websites that haven’t yet been optimized for miniature screens, agencies are making a slow go of making government services mobile-friendly.