State Dept. Reverses Course, Plans to Launch Cyber and Digital Economy Bureau

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson earlier shuttered a cyber coordinator’s office with similar duties.

Booz Allen Hamilton Wins $621 Million DHS Cyber Contract

The six-year project will expand the continuous diagnostics and mitigation services DHS provides to other agencies.

What a Pentagon Report from the Year 2000 Got Right About Cyber War

Many of the issues that concern cyber strategists today were already clear at the turn of the century.

7 Skills Federal Cyber Pros Need to Know

The role of the cyber professional is evolving.

DHS Cyber Info Sharing Tool to Get a Reboot This Year

The goal is for organizations to use the tool to automatically block cyber threats.

DHS Contract Aims To Make Sharing Cyber Threat Data Easier Than Ever

The contract would add advanced search functions to its IMPACT database.

Zero Day Disclosure Bill Heads to House Floor

The bill would put the power of law behind the Trump administration’s vulnerability transparency pledge.

These LA Startups Are What Stand Between Hackers and Your Medical Devices

Some of the most important cybersecurity work is happening in nondescript offices across the nation.

Election Cyber Coordinating Council to be Finalized Next Year

State and federal officials met with election industry leaders to launch the council.

Bill to Elevate and Rename DHS Cyber Division Passes House

The bill would rename the division the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency.

LA Cyber Center Hopes to be a Model for Cities Nationwide

During the past four years, Los Angeles has centralized its cyber operations using models developed by the federal government and industry sectors.

DHS Cyber Info Sharing Focuses on Quantity Over Quality, IG Says

The department is sharing a lot of cyber threat indicators with agencies and the private sector, but only a handful are useful.

Lawmakers: How Many Cyber Threat Centers Does the Government Need?

Congress questions HHS' cyber threat center and other things they did under the shadow of the American Health Care Act.

WannaCry Gives HHS’ Cyber Threat Center a Real-World Test

Agency opted to respond to a cyberattack like it would a natural disaster.

How a Common Language for Cyber Threats Boosts Security

Speed is key when responding to cyber threats. Standardization and interoperability can help.

HHS’ Cyber Threat Center Comes Out of Beta Soon

The center will share threat information for small doctors offices to the largest pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations in between.

The Government Wants a Thriving Cyber Insurance Market. Here’s How It’s Getting Started

The Homeland Security Department wants to build a massive repository of cybersecurity and breach data that insurers can learn from.

A Cyber Threat Sharing Group for Mariachi Bands? Maybe One Day.

Cyber threat information sharing can benefit everyone, the director of a standards organization says.

Giuliani Cyber Task Force Hammers Down Focus Issues

The task force plans to bring industry cybersecurity executives into the White House to brief on those issues, a McAfee executive said.