Info Sharing

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Quid Pro Quo

Require companies to disclose breaches to the government in exchange for legal liability limitations. 

Space Firms Put Aside Rivalries to Share Threat Data

A new clearinghouse has begun gathering and distributing information about threats to space networks, products, and services.

Hacking Campaign Fuels Calls for Information Sharing Mandate

Senators weigh potential protections from liability for incident reports amid concerns about cyber hygiene.

Government Watchdogs Launch Cyber-Threat Sharing Assessment

In the wake of the recent hack, Microsoft President Brad Smith said contractual obligations hurt cross-government sharing following breaches.

Presidential Advisers Make the Case for a New Cybersecurity Center for Sharing Threats

Current federal efforts to help mitigate threats against privately operated critical infrastructure fall short, according to a National Infrastructure Advisory Council report.

What DOD’s Cyber Certification Program Reveals About Info-Sharing Challenges

As the new regime takes effect, the tech industry’s lead trade association would rather higher level certifications be done by the department than independent third parties.

Congress Faces Contentious Cyber Proposals When NDAA Conference Kicks Off

Industry groups are hoping these will lead to greater investment in government intelligence services to protect their assets.

CISA Reveals Timeline for Improving Anemic Information Sharing Program

The private sector has been pushing for greater liability protections before participating in a two-way exchange of cyber threats and vulnerabilities with the agency.

Industry Groups Ask Lawmakers to Remove Core Cybersecurity Provisions from NDAA 

The trade associations for various government contractors are also opposing a range of oversight proposals in the annual defense bill, including ones aimed at enhancing procurement value and reducing unfair labor practices.

COVID-19 Exposes Need to Modernize U.S. Public Health Data System, Experts Say 

Federal agencies should develop clear standards for data sharing on cross-cutting issues in order to understand the pandemic better.

Audit: HUD Doesn’t Ensure Sensitive Data It Shares Is Secure

A Government Accountability Office pointed to high turnover rates for top privacy and IT security officials as a reason for the agency's poor performance.

COVID Could Spur Reduced Reliance on Classified Sources of Cyber Intelligence

CISA officials highlighted cloud configuration and VPN vulnerabilities in assessing threats associated with the pandemic.

DHS Shares People’s Personal Information with 11 Government Programs, Saving Taxpayers Millions

The agency released its annual report on automated data sharing, touting the economic benefits by reducing costs and erroneous and duplicative payments.

White House Cites Intel Sharing Efforts in NDAA Veto Threat

The related provisions would implement major recommendations from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.