Info Sharing

DOJ Injects Over $12 Million To Update Information Sharing Systems

The funding will support improved data sharing at state and local levels with the goal of helping to reduce crime.

Former CYBERCOM Leader Urges Collective Defense Against Cyber Threats

Retired general Keith Alexander suggested a collective defense posture.

Natural Disasters Can Set the Stage for Cyberattacks

Indiana and some other state and local governments are trying to prepare by holding drills or creating preparedness plans.

Microsoft: SolarWinds Hackers Ramping Up Attacks Through Resellers

The company said supply chain attacks by Russian government hackers over the last four months exceed those they’ve been tracking by all nation-state actors over the last three years.

What Agencies and Industry Can Learn from Sharing Cyber Threat Intel

Federal agencies should seek industry partners that can keep them better informed and offer resources they can’t access. 

Justice Official Dangles Liability Protections to Encourage Private-Sector Breach Reports

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco also promised to compensate whistleblowers who reveal federal contractors misrepresenting their cybersecurity posture.

National Cyber Director: Liability Should Be Part of the Equation for Public-Private Collaboration

Cyber leaders’ plan to emphasize collective defense over offense hinges on industry’s willingness to share information with government in real time.

Senator: Competing Cyber Incident Reporting Bills May Merge

The bills could be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Lawmaker to Propose Bill to Incentivize Industry Cybersecurity Cooperation Within Days

During congressional testimony, cybersecurity firm FireEye pushed for greater liability protections to be included in a draft cyber incident reporting bill.

CISA Stands Up Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

The effort includes partnerships with several major tech companies.

National Park Service to Share Special Use Permit Data with White House

The updated system of records notice would also allow the agency to share data with other departments in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

White House Calls for Agencies and Tech Companies to Share Info to Combat Domestic Terrorism

A new strategy asks social media and communications companies to enforce their own policies to protect users from those who foment violence.

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Quid Pro Quo

Require companies to disclose breaches to the government in exchange for legal liability limitations. 

Space Firms Put Aside Rivalries to Share Threat Data

A new clearinghouse has begun gathering and distributing information about threats to space networks, products, and services.

Hacking Campaign Fuels Calls for Information Sharing Mandate

Senators weigh potential protections from liability for incident reports amid concerns about cyber hygiene.