The CDC Is About to Fall Off a Funding Cliff

It's already planning to pull back on work that protects the world from pandemics.

The CDC Is Now Officially Planning For a Nuclear Attack

Welcome to 2018. It’s been an apocalyptic start to the new year.

US Lifts Ban on Super-Virus Studies

But that doesn't mean there will be genetically modified strains of ebola in a test tube near you.

HHS Turns to Citizen Coders to Curtail Opioid Epidemic

More than 300 coders and health advocates showed up for the agency’s first code-a-thon.

Stanford Trained AI to Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist in Just Two Months

There’s a clear trend that having more data makes it easier to train artificial intelligence.

House Panel Investigates Retaliation Against HHS Cyber Leads

Leaders of the HHS cyber center were reassigned amid allegations of contracting misconduct.

FDA Is Looking Into Drones for Health Inspections

But how drone-collected data will figure into the agency's old school processes is still being worked out.

Lawmakers: How Many Cyber Threat Centers Does the Government Need?

Congress questions HHS' cyber threat center and other things they did under the shadow of the American Health Care Act.

WannaCry Gives HHS’ Cyber Threat Center a Real-World Test

Agency opted to respond to a cyberattack like it would a natural disaster.

Health Data Security Tops HHS' List of Challenges

Trump’s proposed budget adds an additional $22 million to Health and Human Services cyber initiatives.

White House Group Offers Sneak Peek of Health I.T. Goals

The National Science and Technology Council seeks feedback on a health IT framework.

HHS’ Cyber Threat Center Comes Out of Beta Soon

The center will share threat information for small doctors offices to the largest pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations in between.

Health Industry Needs Government Go-To for Cyber Threats, Expert Says

Increasing cyber threats to the health care sector require more federal guidance, experts told a House subcommittee.

HHS Wants More Blockchain In Health Records—Eventually

A recent code-a-thon showcased different ways the technology could be used to protect and share health records.