VA to Launch Adaptive Game Therapy Program

The agency also announced it will introduce adaptive esports into its national game competition during a visit with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Gaming’s Biggest Week Gives Clues to Serious Technology’s Future

Advancements in virtual and augmented reality may get government gaming a boost.

Adaptive Gaming Offers Disabled Veterans a New Way To Connect

A partnership between the Veterans Affairs Department and Microsoft is opening video games and esports up to vets with limited mobility.

Why Government Gamification Still Matters

Gamification is becoming increasingly important in civilian and defense matters.

When Will Government Get Serious About Gaming Again?

A few years ago, a vocal group within government helped push gaming for training and problem-solving but the momentum seems to have slowed.

DARPA Thinks Military Strategists Could Learn a Lot from Video Games

The agency is seeking proposals for how video games can aid strategic, operational and tactical war gaming.

What Federal Government Can Learn from States in Going Digital

To speed delivery of citizen- and business-centric digital solutions, federal agencies can adopt best practices from states where online transaction-based services have been used successfully for more than two decades.

Gamification Technology Continues to Evolve in Government

A good gamification project can enable agencies to tap into a hugely powerful problem-solving resource.

Gaming and GIS: Working with a Virtual World

Tech pros searching for a GIS gig, look no further.