Energy to fund 16 infrastructure cybersecurity projects 

The White House’s cybersecurity strategy implementation plan asks the agency to identify pilot projects for energy infrastructure security.

Lawmakers seek to probe AI’s environmental impacts

A new bill would bring together the EPA and NIST to help Congress understand how AI is negatively or positively impacting the environment.

Oak Ridge public-private partnership looks to advance quantum tech for the power grid

The partnership between Oak Ridge National Laboratory and utility provider EPB aims to find ways that quantum technologies can enhance energy resilience. 

Energy CIO clarifies role of AI in modernization agenda

The agency’s CIO Ann Dunkin said she wants people to be able to “use AI in the best way possible to support operations.”

NDAA provision looks to close cybersecurity gaps in nuclear weapons systems

The requirement included in the fiscal year 2024 defense policy bill follows a 2022 GAO report that found the National Nuclear Security Administration did not fully implement “foundational cybersecurity risk practices.”

Energy launches advanced data analysis effort to explore emerging tech, AI

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility will helm the High Performance Data Facility Hub, which looks to harness data sharing and supercomputing for research and development.

Energy focused on emerging technology R&D to combat climate change

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm emphasized the agency’s goals in areas like fusion energy and AI in testimony before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

DOE unveils $39 million for electric grid cybersecurity projects

Nine national labs will split $39 million in new federal investment, with projects leveraging cloud-based software and AI systems in cybersecurity for U.S. utility companies.

Energy officials say their agency can lead the federal approach to national AI R&D efforts

Agency witnesses testifying at a Senate hearing spoke to Energy’s posture in addressing the “grand challenge” in safely developing and deploying artificial intelligence. 

Energy teases massive IT services recompete in information request

The department is gathering market research for a recompete of its $10 billion CBOSS blanket purchase agreement contract.

Energy continues funding expansion into quantum computing research

As part of the agency’s supercomputing agenda, the Department of Energy selected three winning proposals to receive $24 million for furthering the development of a quantum computing network.

‘Legacy mindset' a key obstacle to effective data governance, Energy official says

The newly appointed chief data officer for the Department of Energy argued advancements in enterprise data and analytics programs will require a cultural shift around data ownership. 

Lawrence Livermore researchers achieve fusion ignition for a second time

After a groundbreaking success in generating fusion ignition in December 2022, researchers repeated the victory in late July and will publish results soon.

US power grid faces escalating cyber threats, infrastructure experts warn

The power grid is experiencing heightened threats from foreign adversaries and domestic extremist groups that can pose devastating consequences for the nation’s supply of electricity, experts told a House subcommittee on Tuesday. 

Unmonitored networks put US nuclear arsenal at risk, GAO finds

A Government Accountability Office report found that the Energy Department cannot effectively monitor potential insider threats to U.S. nuclear security because department staff “have not identified the total number of DOE’s stand-alone classified networks.”

Clean energy advancements hinge on steady funding, Energy official says

Accelerating critical technologies to support a robust clean energy economic sector is a top priority for the agency’s 2024 budget request.

Federal Cyber Leaders Emphasize Standards Development for Stronger Networks

The critical infrastructure experts upheld common cybersecurity standards as a key to resilient networks and private sector collaboration.