DHS Awards $1.1M to Federal Labs in Contracts Seeking ‘Groundbreaking’ Tech

The funding stems from the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology directorate.

Next Clean Energy Cyber Cohort Will Focus on Identifying Rogue Assets

The Energy Department’s Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator matches innovators in critical infrastructure cybersecurity with industry experts and a high-tech testbed.

EVs, Building Emissions Among Biden’s Sustainable Energy Priorities

Public and private sector leaders discussed the first steps to overhauling the nation’s infrastructure in pursuit of a sustainable future.

Historic Fusion Ignition Promises Innovation in Clean Energy, National Security

The breakthrough fusion experiment conducted last week at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory stands to change the U.S.’ national security posture and sustainable energy development.

Deploying Clean Energy Tech Depends on Cost Efficiency, Officials Say

Leaders in the government’s clean energy efforts discussed the priorities for building a clean energy economy.

FERC Chairman Wants to Update Cybersecurity Requirements

Discussion of potential changes centered on a need for software transparency and independent supply-chain assessments.

Offshore Drilling Operations Vulnerable to Cyberattacks, Watchdog Warns

The Government Accountability Office made a new case for improving the cybersecurity safeguards within offshore drilling and natural gas facilities. 

GSA Tests Energy Tech to Achieve Federal Sustainability Goals

The agency is looking at solar tracking, off-grid mobile charging and carbon pollution-free electricity to meet goals set in a December 2021 executive order.

DOE Wants to Bridge Their 'Valley of Death'

Energy officials envision a cross-disciplinary team to bring advanced research topics focused on emerging technologies to life.

National Labs to Receive $1.5B Funding Boost

The resources will come from President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

CISA to Focus on Water, Education and Health Sectors Over the Next Year 

The agency contributed to the release of security requirements for the transportation sector this week and is expected to issue cross-sector performance goals for critical infrastructure companies’ voluntary adoption next week.

4 Critical Infrastructure Sectors to Get New Cyber Rules, Per White House Official

The deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging tech said it should be up to sector-specific agencies to decide who should  implement appropriate cybersecurity defenses.