Inside Pacific Northwest National Lab’s 5G Innovation Studio

Federal officials are exploring what the next generation of wireless capabilities has to offer.

These 3 Energy Storage Technologies Can Help Solve the Challenge of Moving to 100% Renewable Electricity

Energy storage can make facilities like solar farms more profitable by letting them store power for cloudy days.

Energy Awards $54 Million in Microelectronics Grants

The awards are designed to increase energy efficiency and stimulate U.S.-based innovation.

Argonne National Lab Inches Closer to Exascale Age with New ‘Testbed’ Supercomputer

Polaris will support the Energy Department’s user community as it prepares for new, more powerful computing capabilities.

Oak Ridge-Made Software Platform Digitally Twins All U.S. Buildings

Those involved aim to help improve nationwide decision-making about energy efficiency.

How DHS and a National Lab Aim to Advance First Responders’ Drug Detection

As opioid abuse rises, government officials are engaging with states and industry to improve tech used to spot narcotics.

National Labs Move to Support Researchers Seeking Name Changes on Past Work

As part of broader inclusivity campaigns, the labs aim to relieve some burdens faced by transgender authors or others whose names have changed over their professions.

How the Energy Department Can Improve Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

The Energy Department has an obligation to protect both public and private energy interests on critical infrastructure.

Bill Would Commit Tens of Billions to Modernize National Labs

Rep. Bill Foster shed light on how the bill fits into a broader Congressional strategy to boost U.S. investments in science and research, and what’s to come for the National Lab Caucus.

Energy Updates Assessment Tool for Administration’s 100-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

The update comes as lawmakers jostle for jurisdiction over cybersecurity across multiple critical infrastructure sectors with a slew of bills advancing in both chambers of Congress.

Energy’s Cyber Response Office Misspent Millions Due to Lack of Budget Management

Complaints alleged the relatively new CESER misspent $11.7 million, though the inspector general could only substantiate some of those claims.

National Lab Researchers Boost Chip Design Processes With Artificial Intelligence

The experiments could hold the potential to help ease future semiconductor shortages.

National Lab Recommends Energy Department Test Electric Utility Vendors for Cybersecurity

A broad spectrum of organizations are calling on regulators to improve suppliers instead of simply banning foreign companies.

Critical Update: How to Develop Apps for Supercomputers that Don’t Exist Yet

The Energy Department will soon launch machines capable of completing a quintillion calculations a second.

New National Lab Supercomputer Inches America Closer to the Exascale Era

Officials said it should lead the Top500 list ranking the world’s most powerful machines.

3 Cabinet Secretaries on How Their Experiences Inform Their Leadership and Pandemic Response

Marcia Fudge, Jennifer Granholm and Gina Raimondo said they all had to staff up when they started running their agencies — but that it gave them a chance to diversify.