Department of Energy to Fund Biotech Research to Support Clean Energy

The agency announced $178 million in federal funding toward bioenergy studies, with a heavy emphasis on microbial research.

Energy Awards $70 Million to Boost Supercomputer-Powered Earth Modeling System

Funding for seven projects will help improve the agency’s Energy Exascale Earth System Model that uses supercomputers to simulate climate change’s impact.

Energy is Looking for Input on $10 Billion Electric Grid Overhaul

A pillar in the Biden Administration agenda, the electrical grid modernization aims to increase clean energy sources and grid reliability.

Energy Awards Over $540 Million for Green Tech Research

This latest series of funding will be divided among existing research programs to support President Joe Biden’s plan for a net zero economy by 2050.

Government Electric Vehicle Efforts Requires New Charging Infrastructure

Plans are being made for a national electric vehicle charging infrastructure, but for now, state and local governments are moving forward on their own.

How Energy's Cyber-Informed Engineering Strategy Fits into a Pending National Plan

A key White House official highlighted the importance of education and workforce training in the government’s procurement-centric cybersecurity policy.

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure to Get a $45M Funding Infusion

The Department of Energy’s investment will help to fund 15 research projects to protect critical energy infrastructure.

Crypto Mining's Energy Consumption Draws Additional Concern from Lawmakers

Leadership on the Energy & Commerce Committee sent four letters to crypto mining platforms about the potentially “severe” impacts of generating the digital currencies.

House Lawmakers Say Energy’s Scientific Research Arm Needs More Funding

The request from nearly 20 Democratic lawmakers comes as the CHIPS Act hands down billions for technological innovation.

Energy Asks for New R&D in Critical Materials for Clean Energy

The Department of Energy launched its new request for information days after the passage of the CHIPS Act.

Preventing Wildfires Could Start With Data From Controlled Burns

Sage combines machine learning with data from edge sensors to provide on-the-spot detection, monitoring and analysis of a burning area.

Energy Pilot New Program To Promote Equitable Access To Solar Power

The agency is piloting a new initiative to bring solar energy to low income households.

Lawmakers Ask Energy, EPA to Investigate Cryptomining’s Environmental Impact

As Congress looks to regulate the industry, cryptomining companies say renewable energy is already in play. 

Energy Awards $14 Million to Improve Climate Change Modeling

Data from the projects is expected to improve scientists’ understanding of the atmosphere.

Regulatory Agency Issues First Document Addressing AI in Nuclear Operations

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants comments on its inaugural Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan as more machine learning is introduced into the field.