President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Clean Energy Manufacturing

Defense officials said invoking the act would reduce reliance on foreign powers for energy resources.

US Frontier Supercomputer Named Fastest in the World

The Frontier exscale system has been in development by Department of Energy researchers since 2019.

Energy Issues $40 Million to Provide STEM Training for Historically Underrepresented Groups

The funding comes from the Energy Department’s “Reaching a New Energy Sciences Workforce” initiative.

House Subcommittee Hearing Examines Human Side of Telecom Bills

Experts testified on the need to pass several bipartisan telecommunication bills as the Biden administration aims to expand broadband access.

Energy Seeks Input on Power Grid Modernization, Expansion

The Energy Department continues taking action on investments through President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Energy to Fund Development of Climate-Friendly Grid Security and Resilience

The effort reflects a commitment to clean energy while aiming to mitigate supply-chain threats.

Energy to Invest $84 Million in Enhanced Geothermal Systems

The funding is part of President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

Energy Aims To Make AI Human-Driven, Accessible To Underserved Communities

Having real people support the artificial intelligence system both builds community trust and ensures that those systems are designed for underserved populations.

Pentagon’s ‘Mobile’ Nuclear Microreactor Will be Demonstrated at Idaho National Lab

The potential, modern energy source could help power operations in austere environments down the line.

Developing Viable Quantum Tech Hinges On Hardware, Workforce

Officials at the Department of Energy said that in addition to continued research and development, a basic foundation is needed to make quantum technologies mainstream.

Can my Electric Car Power my House? Not Yet for Most Drivers, but Vehicle-to-Home Charging is Coming

Soon, electric vehicles will be be able to power homes for up to several days.

Astronomy’s 10-year Wish List: Big money, Bigger Telescopes and the Biggest Questions in Science

The world's top astronomers have sent the federal government their priority wish list.