Women Are Powering the Blockchain

A quick scan of the blockchain frontier reveals many women in key roles as developers, investors, and business leaders.

States Dive Into Cryptocurrency Fray

From dealing with Ponzi schemes to financial windfalls, state leaders are weighing how to best handle the future of nationless money.

North Korea Is Upping Its Offensive Cyber Operations

As Pyongyang runs out of money for missile tests, expect more hacking.

Russian Nuclear Scientists Were Arrested for Using a Supercomputer to Mine Bitcoin

The supercomputer is housed in the Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov, a restricted area with high security.

The SEC Is Stepping Up Its Rhetoric Over Cryptocurrency Regulation in Senate Testimony

Cryptocurrency exchanges are currently regulated as money-transmission services.

You Can Download an Easy Blockchain App to Help Poor People Make Bail

The app allocates a small percentage of the operating device’s excess computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

Corporate Execs Are Obsessed With Blockchain Because They Can’t Afford to Ignore it Anymore

From tech firms to banks to retailers and beyond, investors now expect execs to explain their companies’ positions on blockchain technology.

Someone Made Over $60,000 Hijacking People’s Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency

The malware mines Monero, a cryptocurrency that currently has a total market value of about $1.4 billion.

Bitcoin Has Split, and There Are Now Two Versions of the Popular Cryptocurrency

The new “bitcoin cash” offers an eight-fold increase in transaction capacity.