Pentagon Risks Falling Short on Electromagnetic Spectrum Goals, GAO Finds

The Defense Department needs to improve governance and oversight of EMS strategies in order to maintain operational control, according to a new audit.

FCC Adopts Order to Rip and Replace Huawei, ZTE Equipment Amid 5G Security Challenges

The senior Democrat on the commission noted China’s continued leadership of global 5G standards development in urging further action.

DISA Nearing Completion on Certain EIS Task Orders

The Defense Information Systems Agency, which is leading the move to EIS for the Defense Department, reported the pandemic has not slowed transition progress.

Insecure Communications Like WhatsApp Are Putting U.S. National Security at Risk

The proliferation of consumer-grade communications applications has given rise to widespread, unsanctioned use throughout the military community.

Your Brain's Built-In Biases Insulate Your Beliefs from Contradictory Facts

Over the decades, it’s become clear that many decisions people make are not made rationally.

Critical Update: Inside NASA’s Digital Transformation

The space agency’s digital modernization is aimed at augmenting and improving three key mission areas, according to its chief data officer.

Zoom Settles with FTC On False Claims About End-to-end Encryption

Dissent to the agreement shows how the Federal Trade Commission could change under the incoming administration. 

4 Startups Tapped to Pilot Capabilities at Defense’s 5G Living Lab

At some U.S. military bases, next generation connectivity is right around the corner.

Religious Life Was Converting to Tech Before COVID

Livestreamed services, which people view from home, are the new normal.

FCC, USAID Partner to Advance U.S. 5G Security Policy  

An agreement between the agencies aims to encourage the use of trusted networks and interoperable infrastructure.

DOD’s Interest in 'Owning' 5G Networks Riles Conservative Groups

A recent survey noted a lack of support from stakeholders was an impediment for federal agencies implementing 5G capabilities, but that’s mostly on the civilian side of things.

Lawmakers Propose Using FCC E-Rate Funds to Boost Individuals’ Internet Access

The Federal Communications Commission-provided funds have historically been distributed to institutions instead of people.

GSA Urges Agencies to Include Landlords in Telecom Transition Plans

Landlords will be integral to successful modernization efforts as agencies move to the $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions telecom contract.

To Connect with Other, Call Instead of Texting

Many people embrace texting to avoid awkwardness.

It’s Time to Shore up the Universal Service Fund So It Can Live up to Its Name

Congress needs to create a solution that reflects how Americans actually use telecommunications services rather than how we once did.

FCC Estimates Replacing Chinese Telecom Equipment Will Cost at Least $1.6 Billion

A key lawmaker echoed calls from the agency’s chairman for Congress to appropriate the money.