NSA: Test Unified Communications Patches Before Installing

Guidance from the National Security Agency aims to protect communications carried over the internet from eavesdropping, denial-of-service attacks and other dangers.

Bipartisan Bill Bolsters FCC Motion to Ban Suspect Chinese Telecom Equipment

The Federal Communications Commission is already set to vote on a notice of proposed rulemaking on its equipment authorization program.

COVID-19 Messages Make Emergency Alerts Just Another Text in the Crowd on Your Home Screen

Many people still react to such messages with uncertainty, irritation and intense emotion.

NSF, Tech Companies Partner to Create Post-5G Wireless Systems

They intend to promote the development of resilient and intelligent next-gen networks.

DOD-NTIA Open 5G Challenge Could Lead to New Requirements

A Defense Department official said DOD’s 5G prototyping is also examining the benefits of hardware and software bills of materials to scrutinize the supply chain.

Your Brain Responds to Happy Screams Faster than Fearful Ones

A study revealed six emotionally distinct types of these calls indicating pain, anger, fear, pleasure, sadness and joy.

Coast Guard Wants Better User Experience for Communications Tech Used on Ships

The Coast Guard is proposing a cooperative research and development agreement to test alternative equipment or architectures that might improve mobile network connectivity.

Why the Military Is Leading the Charge on 5G

It’s not unlike the way that the military heavily invested in radar technology during World War II.

You’re Gonna Miss Zoom When It’s Gone

For people like me, who have social anxiety, videoconferencing can be easier than in-person interactions.

Scientists Need to Become Better Communicators, but It's Hard to Measure Whether Training Works

Scientists began to realize they needed to do better at explaining their findings in the 1990s after some groups rejected findings about climate change.

FCC to Consider Proposal Enabling Spectrum for Commercial Space Launches

Companies currently are approved on an ad-hoc basis to share the federal spectrum during specific operations. 

A Marine Logistics Base May Be the Warehouse of the Future

Virginia Tech researchers aim to use 5G networks to track items as they come and go.

Army Using DevSecOps for Tactical Radio Program 

The iterative development approach allowed the program executive office to start making adjustments to network operations quickly, according to a news release. 

Your Streaming Binge Could Soon Be Interrupted by Emergency Alerts and Tests

The FCC is in the early stages of investigating how audio and video streaming platforms would participate in the Emergency Alert System.

Lawmakers Urge Internet Companies to Join New Discount Broadband Program

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, slated to start at the end of April, will provide discounts on internet service to struggling households.

The FCC Wants Your Feedback to Improve Broadband Access

In an effort to create more accurate maps detailing broadband connections and service, the Federal Communications Commission is collecting first-hand accounts from users.