Tech officials caution on data security in public sector AI applications

A group of tech policy leads across federal agencies discussed the current and future state of play of artificial intelligence in government systems.

Defense and Commerce team up to support semiconductor investments

The two federal agencies signed a memorandum of agreement to exchange information on programs outlined under the CHIPS for America Act.

First AI advisory committee report stresses getting regulatory balance right

Designing trustworthy AI systems with government regulatory help is a central theme in the NAIAC’s first report delivered to President Joe Biden.

NIST wants to help prevent a major cyberattack on the water sector

The National Institute of Standards and Technology aims to provide a practical guide to address unique cyber challenges impacting America’s complex water systems.

Report Estimates Trillions in Indirect Losses Would Follow Quantum Computer Hack

An analysis projects the hypothetical disruption a cyberattack from a quantum computer could have on global financial markets.

NIST Debuts New Cyber Guidance for Contractors Handling Sensitive Data

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is accepting comments on the revised document through July 14. 

Setting Emerging Tech’s Standards Dominates NIST’s 2024 Goals

NIST Director Laurie Locascio discussed her agency’s plans before a House hearing, revealing major focuses on critical and emerging technologies.

NOAA to Improve Storm Surge Predictions Ahead of 2023 Hurricane Season

The agency upgraded its system to improve modeling and forecasting for storm surges and related flooding.

First National Standards Strategy Aims to Keep U.S. Competitive in Emerging Tech

Unveiled Thursday, the strategy promotes private sector and international collaboration with federal officials as emerging technologies continue to advance. 

Forecasters: 2023 Will Be a 'Very Active' Hurricane Season

Forecasters expect a hurricane season similar to 2017, one of the worst and most costly on record.

Global Appeal of NIST Cyber Framework Leads to Multiple Translations, Possible Updates

The National Institute of Standards and Technology aims to ensure its forthcoming update to the cybersecurity guidance remains a flexible playbook domestic and international entities can adopt.

NIST Unveils Vision and Strategy for National Semiconductor Tech Center

The center will support semiconductor research and development efforts to advance U.S. competitiveness.

NIST Releases Draft Post-Quantum Encryption Document

The agency continues its post-quantum cryptography push as it looks to create guidance for all sectors.

Bipartisan Legislation Seeks to Develop a ‘Quantum Sandbox’

A new House bill wants to further spur research and development within the U.S. quantum technology field.

NIST Wants to Mitigate Smart Home Telehealth Cybersecurity Risks

The agency is looking for providers to help address the cybersecurity and privacy vulnerabilities in the telehealth ecosystem as it works to create a practice guide on the topic.

NIST Seeks Small Business Input for Chips Manufacturing Data and Analysis

The agency is looking for a company that can help provide data and analysis on semiconductor manufacturing equipment and facilities.

NTIA Asks Public How To Measure Safe AI Systems

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is seeking answers on how to deepen its sociotechnical approach to deploying trustworthy AI/ML systems in its operations.