IRS Commissioner Calls for Multiyear Funding to Help Recoup Potential $1T Tax Gap

Charles Rettig told senators the agency needs increased resources to address aging tech systems and years of personnel cuts. 

The Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Roadmap

Making some changes to how the federal government buys cyber tools is one of the things the new Homeland Security secretary has mentioned.

Biden Budget Requests Major Investments for Federal Technology and Cybersecurity

The 1.5 trillion budget would give the Technology Modernization Fund and CISA big increases as well as launch new advanced research projects agencies.

Biden Commits to Investing ‘Closer to 2%’ of GDP in Science Research

The president referenced infrastructure, immigration, quantum computing and much more in his first formal press conference.

Biden Administration Issues New Guidance Instructing Agencies to Start Tracking Goals Again

White House reversed last-minute Trump policy to end the practice of developing and monitoring agency objectives.

Republican Lawmakers Push for Billions in Boosts to Science Agency Budgets

Their re-introduced bill also calls for a national S&T strategy—and new requirements, including a supply chain-tracking database.

CIOs’ Wishlist for New Congress and Administration IT Leadership

Three department IT leaders share their top asks from the new Congress and yet-to-be-appointed federal CIO.

Draft Senate COVID Relief Bill Includes $1B for Technology Modernization Fund

The fund gets a second chance at a boost after a $9 billion proposal didn’t make it to the House-passed bill.

How Forward-Thinking Investments Will Build the Future of Digital Government

To succeed, governments must create long-term integrated plans that encompass enterprise architecture, funding and policy support.

Tech Groups Urge Congress to Add Billions to TMF and Drop Some Repayments

Twelve advocacy groups representing the biggest names in tech asked for a major infusion of cash and some substantive changes to how the Technology Modernization Fund operates.

With Negotiations Ongoing, Lawmakers Say Yet Another Stopgap Bill ‘Highly Likely’ to Avert Shutdown

Congress is ironing out coronavirus relief funds in conjunction with a government funding package as the Friday deadline looms.

Federal Government Spending Nearly Twice as Much As Its Taking In

For the 14th straight month, the federal government spent more money than it received through taxes.

With Shutdown Deadline Looming This Week, Lawmakers Look to Buy More Time

Vote on a one-week funding extension is expected this week, ahead of Friday's deadline.

Focus on Data Quality Now is Key to Reaping Future Benefits of CPIC Benchmarking

One of the most immediate benefits is the ability to identify what we call “shadow IT.”