The Fears Behind Amazon’s ‘Eyes on the Street’

The tech company’s proposed facial-recognition doorbell could be a civil libertarian’s nightmare.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Is Using Retinal Scans to Try to Catch Liars

The technology is supposedly faster, and cheaper, than traditional polygraph tests.

Hertz is Now Using Facial Recognition to Check Out Cars

The car rental company is promising super speedy checkouts.

Lawmakers Want Better Answers from Amazon About Facial Matching Program

As law enforcement agencies experiment with the tech, lawmakers push for details about accuracy and privacy.

FBI’s Counterterrorism Investigations Now Run on Amazon

The FBI is the latest intelligence agency to partner with Amazon Web Services.

CBP’s Facial Biometrics Program Has Caught 26 Alleged Imposters

Since its rollout this summer, the biometrics program is finding more success at land borders than airports.

European Countries to Test AI Border Guards

A new program replaces human border guards with artificially intelligent avatars to watch for deception in travelers. It follows similar efforts that go back a decade.

ACLU Demands Homeland Security Disclose Facial Recognition Tech Details

The organization is highly concerned with ICE's use of facial recognition technology.

Amazon Is 'Fueling' ICE Deportations, a New Report Says

The report compiles information from contracts, lobbying data and other government and corporate records.

IARPA Wants to Identify Criminals From Their Skin Cells

The goal isn’t to replace DNA analysis but rather add another technology to forensic analysts’ toolbox.

The Newest Password Technology Is Making Your Phone Easier for Police to Search

For the first time, police have compelled a suspect to unlock his phone using Face ID. The case reveals an interesting inversion: More advanced password technology is less protected from police seizure.