DHS Drops Proposal to Expand Immigration-Related Biometrics Collection

The Biden administration withdrew the controversial rule, which garnered more than 5,000 comments when it was proposed last fall.

Human Rights Organizations Call for Corporate Ban on Facial Recognition Tech

The organizations called facial recognition "inherently discriminatory and dangerous."

Army Wants to Automate Base Access With Facial Recognition at Drive-Thru Checkpoints

The proposed system uses a reliable form of facial biometric identification but would need to control for variables like weather and low light.

Advocacy Groups Again Ask CBP to Withdraw Biometrics Expansion Proposal

Customs and Border Protection accepted a second round of comments after the change in administrations. 

Army Outfits Paratroopers with Wearables to Gauge Stress 

It’s all part of collaborative research leveraging military-centered, biometric data.

A State Becomes the First to Suspend Facial Recognition Technology in Schools

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said there are “serious and legitimate privacy concerns” with the technology—but only prohibited its use until 2022.

CBP Should Halt Expansion of the Biometric Entry-Exit Program, Many Commenters Write

Advocacy groups and the City of Portland wrote the Homeland Security Department urging a full stop on expanding the use of facial recognition technologies. 

DHS Works to Improve Biometric Scanning of Masked Faces

Almost 600 human volunteers participated in a recent technology evaluation.

Biometrics in Action

Federal agencies ramped up the use and scope of facial recognition tools in 2020, expanding programs to target more people and making significant technology upgrades.

Intel Agencies Seek to Perfect Biometric Recognition from Drones

Intelligence and military researchers want to merge facial recognition with other biometric methods to identify people from long distances and steep angles

Pentagon Clarifies Biometrics Database Can Move to Any Secure Cloud, Not Just AWS

While the performance work statement namechecks a specific cloud provider and product, a subsequent amendment and Q&A clarify the Pentagon’s true intent.

Lawmakers, Experts Split on CBP's Proposed Biometric System Advancement

Some experts see Customs and Border Protection’s proposed rulemaking expanding biometric entry-exit as the culmination of more than a decade of careful work. Others say the technology poses privacy concerns.

CBP Proposes Eliminating Age Restrictions and Opt-Out Policies for Non-Citizen Biometric Data Collection

The new rule enables Customs and Border Protection to expand its biometric entry-exit program and changes other regulations along the way.

Advisory Committee Recommends DHS Perform Better Outreach Regarding Biometrics Programs

The Homeland Security Advisory Council also said its request to review a controversial biometrics rule was never fulfilled.

Army Considers Facial Recognition to Monitor Children in Its Care

The branch aims to pilot video surveillance and machine learning algorithms to see how they can help keep an eye on kids’ well-being in its child development centers.

How Government Agencies Can Use Tech to Safely Get Back to Their Workplaces

Now is the time to prioritize collaboration between the IT, physical security and human resources teams.

Pentagon Will Move Primary Biometrics Systems to Amazon Cloud

The move means at least two of the government's biggest biometrics databases will live in AWS clouds.