The Hack

CISA Warns of Vulnerabilities in Cloud Use, Shares Solutions List

Basic cyber hygiene isn’t so basic when it comes to remote environments.

Counter Intelligence Chief Calls for Zero-Trust Software Supply Chain Policy

The official also said there’s a need for the fusion of responsibilities assigned to a trilogy of government agencies.

CISA: SolarWinds Hackers Got Into Networks by Guessing Passwords

The agency also highlighted new indicators of compromise and recommendations for mitigating follow on activity involving Microsoft Cloud users.

The Hack Roundup: Justice Department Confirms Email Breach

During an extraordinary day of unrest in the Capitol, here are the news and updates you may have missed.

Russia ‘Likely’ Behind Widespread Hack, Cyber Response Agencies Say

The Cyber Unified Coordination Group believes fewer than ten government agencies were compromised in what is an ongoing intelligence operation.

Everybody Spies in Cyberspace. The U.S. Must Plan Accordingly.

Because all countries engage in espionage, intrusions like Russia’s latest data hack are devilishly hard to deter.

Hack Spurs Call for Greater—but Measured—Supply Chain Scrutiny 

Operational cybersecurity hygiene is one thing, criteria for using open-source code is another, one expert says. 

Former Presidential Adviser Advocates Tougher Software Vendor Standards After Breach

The environment where updates for the company’s software were developed was reportedly protected by a password anyone could guess.

Biden Disputes Trump’s Claim that Hack is Under Control

The president-elect called for an official attribution to Russia but said a damage assessment is necessary before discussing the appropriate response.

Massive Hack Roundup: Microsoft Says Breach 'Not Espionage as Usual'

Here are the news and updates you may have missed.

Amid Massive Hack, Lawmakers Urge Trump to Sign Defense Bill with New Cybersecurity Legislation

As the government scrambles to understand the widening compromise, legislation to shore up the nation’s cyber defenses sits unsigned on the President’s desk.

House Committees Launch Investigation into Alleged Russian Hack of Federal Agencies

President-elect Joe Biden also promised to elevate cybersecurity “as an imperative” across government.