The Hacks

Bill Would Require Federal Agencies and Contractors to Report Cyber Intrusions Within 24 Hours

The bill leaves it up to an interagency rulemaking process to determine whether entities would be required to report incidents they’re aware of but not directly involved in.

Key Senator Wants Biden to Raise SolarWinds in International Negotiations

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner said espionage campaigns like the SolarWinds hack merit discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Justice Took Down Two Domains Used in USAID Hack 

The action demonstrates the department’s authorities beyond attributing malicious cyber activity.  

NTIA Wants Feedback on Software Transparency Plan

One high-profile expert raised the ever-looming workforce challenge in suggesting the juice might not yet be worth the squeeze.

Russia’s Latest Hack Shows How Useful ‘Criminal Groups’ Are to the Kremlin

Russian coders have little choice but to work with their government, which in turn denies any knowledge of their activities. That’s why hacking activity shows no sign of slowing.

Biden Budget Ups Request for Civilian Agencies’ Cybersecurity

The president’s funding proposal also puts numbers on the National Cyber Director’s Office and other priority cybersecurity areas.

Pipeline Companies Have One Week to Identify Cybersecurity Coordinators Under TSA Directive

The directive now mandates incident reporting and reviews described in the administration’s voluntary guidelines for the sector.

US Chamber Asks Government To Get More Involved In Ransomware Defense

The Chamber of Commerce offered six steps the federal government can take to help American businesses defend against and respond to ransomware cyberattacks.

37 Defense Industrial Base Companies Affected by SolarWinds Intrusion

A defense official told lawmakers the department’s CMMC program likely wouldn’t have guaranteed successful prevention of the SolarWinds breach.

Pipeline Security Act Reintroduced in House

More than a dozen lawmakers have cosponsored the legislation following the Colonial Pipeline attack.

Progressive Lawmakers Praise Biden’s Plan for Cybersecurity Labels

Reviews are in on the administration’s long-awaited executive order following several major hacking campaigns.

Cyber Response Bill Advances in Senate

The legislation includes a fund to help impacted organizations pay for remediation efforts.

Biden Issues Executive Order to Bolster Nation’s Cybersecurity

The administration calls for a standardized federal playbook and review board for incident response, as well as changes to software procurement.

Senators Cite Colonial Pipeline Hack in Calling for Cyber Response and Recovery Fund

A hearing on federal agencies’ response to the SolarWinds hack drew attention to communication issues, both with the private sector and within the government.

US, UK Agencies Warn Russian Hackers Are Adapting Based on Government Advisories

The adversary is changing its tools to avoid detection while attacking the vulnerabilities governments issue warnings about. 

The FBI Is Breaking into Corporate Computers to Remove Malicious Code – Smart Cyber Defense or Government Overreach

The actions raise questions about the power of courts to regulate cybersecurity without the consent of the owners of the targeted computers.