The Latest Updates on Technology and the Business of Government

Spike in Federal COVID-19 Spending Flattens as Total Nears $3B

A separate analysis shows some IT modernization efforts booming while others are put on hold during the pandemic.

With Coronavirus Cases Spiking, VA Employee and Patient Cases on the Rise

Report finds testing, equipment and staffing shortfalls at VA facilities around the country.

The Defense Department Wants to Use the Atmosphere as a Sensor

Defense researchers suspect that the atmosphere could help detect impending disturbances.

USDA’s Chad Sheridan Says Goodbye to Government Service—For Now

After driving IT transformation and helping launch, he’s heading to the private sector to work as a chief innovation officer.

Treasury Wants Better Information on Financial Entities’ Cybersecurity Practices

A department official says expanded data collection powers would enable it to “advocate” for companies with other agencies.

What the Defense Department’s Cyber Certification Will Mean for Small Businesses

The Pentagon lead for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program argued the move will be good for small contractors. And for those that don’t want to comply: Good riddance.

The Pentagon's AI Center Needs a Cloud Integrator

Selected vendors would help the Joint AI Center deploy its main development platform in the cloud.

Census Fails Key Recruiting and Hiring Tests as It Gears Up for 2020 Count

Despite warnings of delays and cost overruns, agency says it's confident operations will not be interrupted.

GSA Wants Industry Insights on Offering Human-Centered Design Services

Responses to the new request for information will impact future procurement actions, the agency said.

How an FAA Committee Aims to Accelerate Drone Integration

The Drone Advisory Committee recently offered recommendations around Remote Identification, or virtual license plates for drones.

Lawmakers, Think Tank To Develop Bipartisan National AI Strategy

Two representatives are teaming up with the Bipartisan Policy Center to work on a national framework for AI development and deployment.

EPA Rule Will Make Its Custom Code Open Source By Default

As part of the new policy, EPA will create an enterprise code inventory to classify the extent to which all custom-built software will be shared with other agencies and the general public.

The Patent Office Is Hunting for an Artificial Intelligence Expert

The agency CIO said he’s looking for someone to provide critical technical insights and accelerate the office’s robust AI-driven efforts.

The Pentagon Wants to Bolster DIU’s Cyber Defenses

The department is looking for penetration testers, red teams and cyber training to protect its startup incubator from online attacks.

CDC Needs Better Tools To Track Sickness, Symptoms In Wake Of Nuclear Disasters

If a nuclear device detonated, the resource CDC wants would support state and local health departments’ ability to respond.

IG: NOAA, NASA Launched Next-Gen Satellite With Known Issues, Scrubbed Performance Metrics from Contract

The main instrument of the GOES-R next-generation satellite constellation wasn’t working before launch but officials sent it into space anyway.