FireEye + Verodin = Enhanced DHS CDM Support

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FireEye is pleased to announce how Verodin and FireEye solutions will combine to support the CDM Phase 3 DEFEND program.

The Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) enables organizations to automate cyber security efficacy through the continuous monitoring of the defenses and threats they are most likely to face. This capability, which is CDM APL approved, directly supports both the vision and mission of the DHS CDM program. 

Craig Mueller, FireEye VP, Federal commented: “I could not be more excited about the transformational opportunities that our CDM customers have before them. Verodin enables the continuous monitoring of security environments, making it the perfect complement to FireEye network defense solutions, Threat Intelligence, and our Mandiant service offerings including Managed Defense and Expertise On Demand. This combination presents the ability to transform, train, and remain continuously informed about the status of enterprise defenses within an ever-evolving threat landscape.”

For more information on the FireEye acquisition of Verodin, read the full press release.

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For more information on the Verodin CDM APL solution, read the full press release.

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